10 best scholarships to study in the UK in 2023

3. Oxford University Rhodes Scholarships

These are designed to help international students pursue graduate studies at the University of Oxford.

Recipients must meet a very clear profile: they must be highly intellectual and have a truly outstanding academic record.

What is the amount of the scholarship?

The endowment is 15,900 pounds per year, allowing the student to cover their airfare, pay all university or tuition fees, and take care of their personal expenses monthly without any hassle.

Requirements to apply for this scholarship

  • Applicants for these scholarships to study in the United Kingdom must have a first class degree.
  • The academic record must be neat and outstanding, otherwise they will not be awarded a Rhode Scholarship to study at Oxford University.
  • They must write a personal statement of application.
  • Submit letters of reference.
  • Commit to social work that will have a positive impact on their immediate environment.
  • Submit a final interview.
  • The application period closed in August, so be on the lookout for the next round of applications.

2. London Metropolitan University Scholarships

Scholarships for study in the United Kingdom awarded by London Metropolitan University are valid for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

They are aimed at international students, although the highest rate of scholarship recipients are from North America.

Today you can pursue Masters in Public Administration, PhDs in Public Health, specializations in Cybersecurity, and more.

What is the scholarship award?

  • It covers tuition fees.
  • Lodging expenses for one year (the fellow will be placed in a fully furnished room).
  • Personal living expenses
  • Utility costs (WiFi and other household bills).
  • Airline tickets.

Requirements to apply for these scholarships

  • U.S. citizenship or resident status in the United States of America.
  • Scholars must demonstrate that they require financial assistance to complete their studies in the United Kingdom.
  • Must demonstrate English language proficiency (IELTS scores must be 6.5).
  • Must be 18 years of age or older at the time of enrollment at London Metropolitan University.
  • Comply with the immigration procedures and requirements stipulated by the United Kingdom.

1. Sheffield Hallam University Scholarships

With these scholarships to study in the United Kingdom, specifically at Sheffield Hallam University, international students have the opportunity to pursue higher education abroad.

Candidates most likely to receive these grants are those with an impeccable academic record, as they aim for academic excellence.

What is the amount of the scholarship?

The endowments can be 3,000 pounds or more depending on the program to which the candidate applies; although it should also be noted that the university assumes all tuition fees.

Requirements to apply for these scholarships

  • You must be an international student (you can apply if you reside in an EU country, with the exception of the UK).
  • You must have a first-level degree (bachelor’s degree, engineering, etc.).
  • Your level of English must be really high as classes will be taught in English.
  • You cannot apply for other second-level studies simultaneously, i.e. while applying for the Sheffield Hallam University scholarships.
  • The application period will close next November 1, and therefore, you can take a look at their official website if you wish to become a new participant.

Study in the UK with these scholarships

Now that you know the 10 best scholarships to study in the UK you are closer to realizing your academic dreams abroad in style.

Just make sure you meet the requirements of each university, and above all, respect the application periods so that everything goes in the right direction and you are the greatest beneficiary.

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