How To Share What You Listen To On Spotify On Instagram

Find out how to share what you listen to on Spotify on Instagram. Social media is a perfect place to share everything you do in your day to day life. In fact, you can even give a little ambiance to those stories with music as long as the social network offers it to you. But there are functions that relate both things in the same place as is the case of sharing Spotify on Instagram. We tell you all the ways to share everything you listen to the social network where the image is the absolute protagonist.

How to share Spotify on Instagram

Instagram is the social network par excellence where lovers of photography hang all the images they want to show the rest of the world.

Since recently it also lets you upload all those short videos you make for other social networks, to which you may also spend some time.

But today we are going to dedicate some time to those functions that are integrated with other applications, to enrich the user experience.

And is that you can share what you listen to Spotify on Instagram in several ways.

That yes, first of all, you must make sure that you have linked both accounts in the different services, or else you will not be able to continue with the functions that we are going to discuss below.

Share a song you are listening to on your instagram profile

One of the favorite features for Spotify users who use on Instagram are the stories. The format is very interesting as it lasts for a small period of time and, in addition, you can let the song be played for just the stretch you want to show.

It barely lasts a few seconds, but they are enough to catch those who listen to it. The best thing is that you can also put the lyrics of what is playing, in case the section has them.

But let’s get to the important thing, which is how to share on Instagram what you listen to on Spotify.

The process is really simple and resembles other functions that are used in other applications to launch content from it. You just have to follow the steps we tell you below to make it effective:

  • Open Spotify
  • Select the song
  • Click on the three dots
  • Click on Share and then on Instagram
  • As we mentioned before, you must link the two accounts you have to have this option, otherwise you can not do it directly.

The other way is to copy the link to the song and put it in a Story that you have created on your own, but that is something more tedious to do.

Spotify Wrapped

The other way to let your Instagram followers know what you listen to on Spotify is to use Wrap 2021. As you may know, the music app enables a feature every year that gives you all the data on the songs you’ve listened to throughout the year.

You will see your favorite artists, the most played songs as well as the genres that have caught your attention the most.

This is a very fun feature that is also available to send to the photographic social network in a jiffy.

To do this you just have to follow the following steps:

  • On your iOS or Android mobile, open the following link:
  • When you click on the link above, it will open the Wrapped web page within the Spotify app you have on your smartphone.
  • Select “See how you listened in 2021” to start an overview of your listening habits in 2021.
  • From here you can send content to the Meta social network of your choice, from the most listened songs, through the genres we showed you earlier do a feature called music aura.