NFT Money Making Games in 2022 | Play to Earn

Play to Earn games represent a type of video game that allows users to earn money by playing. More precisely, players are rewarded with tokens or NFTs, receiving a sum directly proportional to the amount of hours spent playing, as well as their gaming skills. This of course means that the more time you spend completing missions in a game, the more money you can earn.

The world of games based on blockchain technology is going through a phase of full expansion, with more and more titles and projects being released. The introduction of a form of earning based on a concrete gaming experience has obviously been welcomed by users, especially in those low-income areas where adding a non-demanding source of income (although, as we will see, even games need understanding and commitment) is an optimal earning solution.

The objective of this guide is to go take stock of what’s on offer in the NFT games market and go over some of the most widely used games to earn money online.

Thetan Arena

The first NFT game that we’re going to see is Thetan Arena, a very entertaining multiplayer game that lets you impersonate an NFT character and challenge each other in a virtual battlefield. It is a title that has managed to attract a large number of users and that can be installed totally free of charge.

Thetan Arena’s reference cryptocurrency is Thetan Coin, which can be earned simply through participation in the game’s various challenges. Moreover, a peculiarity of this digital currency is that it can be freely exchanged with euros. 

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Another way to earn it is through the transfer of the NFT character. At the base of Thetan’s gameplay, in fact, there are the NFT, or heroes, which are unique and can be of various types: free, legendary, epic or common. The NFTs can be sold on the market establishing the price you want. 

Mines of Dalarnia

The second NFT game we’re going to see is Mines of Dalarnia, a strategic game that can be accessed either directly from the Internet or via a mobile device. 

There are two categories of players in Mines of Dalarnia: landowners and miners. For each faction there are specific tasks and missions. Landowners allow miners to use their land and pay in the form of tokens or minerals, while miners use mining power to defeat monsters and unearth valuable resources.

The game also provides NFTs that you can use to beautify the mines in the most personal way possible.

To earn money playing Mines of Dalarnia you can sell your NFTs on the market, for example by completing tasks or missions for other players, or by accessing exclusive rewards that can be obtained simply by acquiring the status of VIP member.

Axie Infinity

One NFT game that has gained considerable popularity is Axie Infinity. The term Axie is also the name given to its NFTs, which are represented by cuddly pets. Such NFTs are usually traded for Ethereum, although the same in-game currency can be used to buy them.

Similarly to Mines of Dalarnia, one of the ways to earn money is through fights with Axies animals: for each animal that is defeated, the player’s reward will be in cryptocurrency.

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Besides, you can collect rare Axies and create an Earth Kingdom in which you’ll side with friends and fight to gain control over resources.

Gods Unchained

Fans of traditional collectible card games will not fail to adore one of the most interesting and promising works in the NFT sphere. We are talking about Gods Unchained, that is to say, a game that boasts features similar to HeartStone or Magic: The Gathering. 

Some of the main features that stand out in the game are the presence of outstanding animations and a range of innovative and interesting gameplay features. To enjoy all of these features, it is required to associate a digital wallet (for example MetaMask) in order to ensure the security and ownership of the various assets.

A further novelty introduced in recent times is the choice of the platform managers to launch a specific marketplace, in which players are able to exchange NFTs, interacting with the expansions of cards that can be collected.

Town Star

Town Star is a game belonging to Gala Games, designed for the Gala blockchain. The objective of the players is to build and enlarge their city, in a similar way to FarmVille (with which it shares the development team).

It is a very interesting strategic game, in which numerous factors emerge that can make a difference in terms of gain. Some important factors for success are the way in which resources and productivity are managed and where the city is built.

Although the game includes the classic collectibles, these can bring considerable benefits, such as the possibility of getting daily rewards in Town Coin, which is the game’s reference cryptocurrency.

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There is also a ranking that allows you to identify each week the players who have obtained the best results.


The last of the NFT games that we are going to discover in this guide is called Illuvium, a tactical game that can be played from both a mobile device and a browser.

Players venture into the Illuvium landscape in order to fight and defeat creatures called Illuvial, or by participating in challenges and quests in the storyline. Each Illuvial possesses a large number of additional characteristics that allow you to determine its aggressiveness in combat.

If you use the free version of the game, the cryptocurrencies you earn are locked and you have to wait a year to withdraw them. The only ones who can bypass the timeline required for unlocking are stakers, through converting their rewards into secondary resources exclusively in-game (sILV).

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