10 Underrated Tinder Features You Didn’t Know About

Have you heard about underrated Tinder features that really cut corners for the experienced Tinder user? Over the years, Tinder has evolved from being just a swiping tool, to something a lot more complex, inclusive, and fun for its members to enjoy.

Split image of Tinder logo and Explore screen.

While Tinder has been engaged in a bitter war with Google over Play Store billing (detailed by Reuters), users continue to swipe on the popular app for their dating needs. A leading player in the dating industry, the app is available in 190 countries and has over 75 million users who look forward to newer and more innovative features to play around with.

Over the years, Tinder has evolved from being just a swiping tool to something a lot more complex, inclusive, and fun for its members to enjoy. Lots of features are available on the free version, while a few are premium Gold or Platinum-only features. Some of these stand out, and might not be as popular as they should be.

Traveler Alert

Screen with Tinder Traveler alert

Tinder has the backs of their LGBTQ+ members with the Traveler Alert feature, especially for those who travel overseas a lot. The app uses the phone network to detect a change in location, specifically a change in country, and if same-sex relationships are prohibited by law in these areas.

If the user has traveled to a place where their security is likely to be compromised, the app will hide their LGBTQ+ status on their profiles to keep them safe.

Top Picks

Top picks screens on Tinder

Tinder Gold and Platinum members get to enjoy a special feature called Top Picks, which makes swiping a bit more curated and fun. The app sieves out interesting profiles of unique people and presents it to the user in a quadrant. The catch is: the Top Picks last only for 24 hours, after which they disappear.

Tinder is trying its best to make swiping fun, like newer dating apps that are looking for novel ways to match singles with each other, and Top Picks is one of those methods.

Noonlight Timeline

Tinder noonlight screens
People can’t be too safe on dating apps, and Tinder’s collaboration with Noonlight ensures that members feel protected and secure while dating.

Users can add a Noonlight badge to their profiles, add the coordinates of their next date on the Noonlight Timeline, and use the emergency button in case things go south, which will automatically alert Noonlight dispatchers, and then 911 if needed. This makes dating a much more pleasant and relaxing experience.

Read Receipts

Read receipt screens on Tinder
Now, Read Receipts have gone beyond just Whatsapp and iPhones, and Tinder users can also get the feature in a limited manner on the app. It can be bought in sets of 5, 10, and 20 by users, and they can then see if their current matches have read their sent messages or not.

This is a nifty little feature for people who want to make the most of their time on the app. If they feel that a match may be ghosting them or not interested, Read Receipts are a great way to find out and move on to greener pastures.

Message Before Match

Tinder app with a detective emoji
Everyone wants a love story like their favorite iconic movie couple, but getting matches might be a challenge too. For those who think that matching with a profile is imperative to start a conversation, there is Tinder Platinum.

Platinum members have the option of sending a Super Like along with a well-crafted message which could help their case with a potential match in getting a right swipe. Users can do this with five people. That one message could make all the difference in the world!

Tinder U

Tinder U screens.

Tinder is for everyone, but especially for university students. To make the experience for college-goers a lot more young and exciting, they can enroll in Tinder U, which gives them access to a whole new world of college-going Tinder.

They get their university colors on the app, can swipe on people in their classes, explore students on other campuses, and have a more inclusive experience. Tinder U is for students who are studying at 4 year, degree-granting colleges.

Work Mode

Tinder Work mode screen.
The Tinder Swindler documented the shady deeds of Simon Leviev, but every day Tinder users can pull the wool over their bosses’ eyes with the clever Work Mode on Tinder for desktop. If swiping at work is a practice, then this tool is extremely handy.

Users can log into Tinder and get busy, but if a boss or nosy colleague is nearby or passing by from behind their desks, the click of one button will throw up a fake project management tool on the screen so that the user looks like they’re working on something, and not playing!

Blind Date

Tinder blind date screen
Available from 6 p.m. to midnight local time, Blind Date brings back the charm of old-fashioned dating to the app environment that almost everyone uses nowadays. Users are given a few fun icebreaker questions to answer, and then given the opportunity to enter a timed chat with someone based on their answers.

Members can use the time to have a mini conversation or establish rapport, and at the end of the time limit, they need to choose to like or not like the person. Only then can they see the profile of their blind date.

Plus One

Explore page on tinder.

Going solo to an event can be daunting, which is why Tinder’s Explore page has the Plus One feature: a collaboration with WeddingWire to help singles find dates for big events like weddings so that they won’t be alone on a big day.

This is a great way to aggregate everyone on Tinder looking for plus ones without making the conversation awkward for new matches, or even older ones. The intent is clear, and people get to have dates to weddings and other soirees.

Are You Sure?

Tinder are you sure message
Easily one of the most overlooked features on Tinder is the simple safety prompt “Are you sure?” which the app displays in its chat windows. The Tinder AI reads messages as users type them, and if it detects any language that might go against Community Guidelines, it sends a prompt asking them if they are sure they want to send the message.

This simple message definitely prevents a portion of unsavory texts being sent on the app, and makes user experience a lot more enjoyable and secure

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