How to Fix “Something Went Wrong. Please Try Again Later” on Tinder

“Something Went Wrong. Please Try Again Later” is a common error message on the Tinder app. Tinder is undoubtedly the biggest and most popular dating app out there where two people meet online, connect, and sometimes alter their relaxation status. The swipe function on Tinder is brilliant. You get to swipe left for each profile that you do not like or until you have found the profile that meets your expectations.

Tinder has helped many people find their connections. Besides, there is nothing wrong with giving it a shot. Perhaps, this is what you need to find your soulmate or the person you are meant to be with.

Since its launch, Tinder has received a lot of attention from youngsters worldwide. While the app is safe and it works pretty well, people have reported login issues with Tinder, especially the error message that says “Something Went Wrong. Please Try Again Later”.

We understand how frustrating it is when you try to log into your Tinder account, but you cannot access the app because of these technical issues.

But, here we are to help you fix the issue. Whether you are logging in to the app with your Facebook ID or through a phone number, the login error could occur anytime.

So, if you have ever faced such an issue, we are here to help fix the error “Something Went Wrong. Please Try Again Later” on Tinder.

Keep reading.

How to Fix “Something Went Wrong. Please Try Again Later” on Tinder

So, the first thing that comes to our mind when we get an error message on social media is that we must have violated the privacy policy, hence the problem. There are many reasons why you must be encountering the error message, and there is a very good chance it isn’t because you’ve done something wrong. Technical issues are pretty common and they can happen to anyone.

Let’s check out the common reasons why you must be getting this message:

  • Your network connection is not stable.
  • It’s a server connection problem because you are using Facebook to log into Tinder
  • You are connected to the VPN and it isn’t working properly
  • Your app is not upgraded to the latest version
  • Problems with the mobile app cache and cookies
  • Tinder app maintenance problem
  • Other temporary issues

Try logging into your Tinder account after a short while to see if the issue has been resolved. Usually, the technical glitches resolve on their own, but if it is taking too long or you are having trouble signing into Tinder, here are a few tricks that might help.

How to Fix “Something Went Wrong. Please Try Again Later” on Tinder

First, it is important that you understand what’s the issue behind the error. If you can’t locate the problem, try these steps.

1. Check Network Connection

Most of the time, poor connectivity leads to this error. Check your connection and try using other apps to see if your internet is stable. Switch to the Wi-Fi and try once again. If you are still getting the same error, then the problem is with something else.

something went wrong please try again later

Also, Stay Away from VPN: We use VPN when we want to stream restricted content or use apps that are not supported in a particular country. However, VPN can interrupt the app and cause technical errors. So, stop the VPN and try to log into the app to see if it works now.

2. Update Your Tinder Application

Another common cause of the login error is the outdated app version. The company keeps adding new features to the app. It is important that you update the app to the latest version to keep using the app without any errors.

Go to PlayStore or AppStore, type Tinder, and see if there’s any update available. Update the app and try logging in once again.

3. Clear Tinder Cache and Data

Try clearing the app cache to see if the issue is fixed. Here’s what you can do:

  • Head over to Settings.
  • Select “apps”.
  • Locate “tinder” and scroll down to “App cache”.
  • Select “Clear data and cache”.

By clearing the cache and data, all your past activities on Tinder will be gone. However, this might be the only fix.

4. Login with a Web Browser

Sometimes, the problem is with the app. So, trying the web version must help fix the issue. You can use the browser to access your Tinder account. All you have to do is open your browser, get to the login page of Tinder, enter your login credentials, and there you go!

This method works for most people. If it still doesn’t work on your mobile, try using a laptop or somebody else’s phone to log in through the browser.


5. Uninstall Tinder and Reinstall It

There is a chance you have got a bug in the app, hence the issue. The best you can do is try uninstalling and installing the app to fix the error. Make sure you restart your phone after installing Tinder again. It is best to set your “automatic app updates” feature on so that your app will be updated automatically if the company launches new updates.


6. Remove Tinder from Facebook

Facebook has been focusing on the user’s privacy more now than ever, especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. And, when you log into your Tinder account with Facebook, the app collects your Facebook information, which may impose privacy risks. So, Facebook can deny your request of logging into Tinder with Facebook login credentials. One way to resolve the error is by removing Tinder from Facebook. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Log into your Facebook on the browser.
  • Click Settings.
  • Select “Apps and websites”.
  • Locate Tinder and select “remove app”.

There you go! You will no longer be redirected to your Facebook when logging into Tinder. Alternatively, you can remove your Facebook from Tinder through the Tinder app.


How to Fix “Something Went Wrong. Please Try Again Later” on Tinder (iPhone)

Just like Android users, iPhone users might also experience “something went wrong. please try again” error on Tinder. Before you do anything, make sure the error doesn’t mean you are banned from the app. It simply implies the troubleshooting problem that could be fixed easily.

We highly recommend you try clearing the cache first. If you have tried switching connections and every method mentioned for Android users, there must be a problem with Tinder’s backend. Wait for a few hours and log into your Tinder account to see if the issue has been resolved.


Your Tinder Account is Permanently Banned or Reported


While the above methods work for almost everyone, there is a chance you are unable to access your Tinder account because you are permanently banned from the platform. If your Tinder account has been reported multiple times by the user, the company could ban it. This mainly happens when you have violated the Tinder’s privacy policy multiple times. Here are a few things you can do to avoid the mistakes that might ban your account in the future.

  • Posting inappropriate pictures
  • Using the platform for politics and other inappropriate purposes
  • Disturbing, harassing, and troubling people on Tinder
  • Spamming others
  • Pretending to be somebody else
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