Why can’t I see the covers and listen to songs on Spotify?

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Spotify is down. Here’s what’s happening It’s not you, or your phone. Not even your internet connection. Many services have been down throughout this midday because of some kind of problem with important servers. So neither the covers nor the playback of some Spotify songs is working as they should. Don’t panic, it’s a matter … Read more

5 Alternative Apps to Google Translate That Work Well

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In the realm of translation services, Google Translate is a household name, but it’s not the only player in the game. Several other translation apps offer unique features and capabilities that might better suit your needs. Here are five excellent alternatives to Google Translate. Microsoft Translators Microsoft Translator is a robust translation app that supports … Read more

How to spy on your every move through Google Maps Timeline

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Google Maps Timeline is a powerful feature that allows you to view and manage your location history. This feature can be incredibly useful for personal tracking, reminiscing past trips, or even keeping tabs on your daily routine. This article will guide you through the steps to use Google Maps Timeline effectively. What is Google Maps … Read more

Top 10 Uses of Streaming Speech-to-Text Technology Today


Streaming Speech-to-Text technology, also known as live transcription, is transforming how various industries operate by converting real-time audio streams into accurate text. This technology is enhancing interactions and accessibility in numerous sectors, including financial services, healthcare, customer support, and market research, according to AssemblyAI. What Is Live Transcription? Live transcription … Read more

Tracking Your Movements with Google Maps Timeline

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Google Maps Timeline is a powerful feature that allows users to view their past locations, routes, and even activities on a detailed map. This tool can be invaluable for keeping track of your travels, remembering past events, and even ensuring your personal safety. It provides a visual history of where you’ve been, complete with timestamps … Read more