What is wisdom? But first, what are the conditions that render it desirable, if not necessary, and what is its essential purpose? Life is a desire to live, and better still a desire to live happily. As we strive to satisfy this desire, we encounter obstacles that complicate or frustrate our efforts. This complication or … Read more

The Columnist in the Mousetrap

I am a voracious reader of the most convoluted and lexiphanic texts columnist – yet, there is one author I prefer to most. She gives me the greatest pleasure and leaves me tranquil and craving for more when I am through devouring one of her countless tomes. A philosopher of the mundane, a scholar of … Read more

Second Life Is What You Make Of It

Second Life (SL) is a privately owned, partly subscription-based 3-D virtual world, introduced in 2003 by West Coast company Linden Lab. Users can visit this virtual world almost as if it were a real place via their home computer and an internet connection. Visitors can explore, meet and communicate with other people, learn skills that … Read more

Advertising For Your MMORPG Guild

Guild recruiters cannot be shy. Post in recruiting forums, erect a guild Web site, use in game recruiting tools, such as those in EQ2, these activities all promote your guild and you probably should avail yourself of them. However the fastest, cheapest, easiest most effective way to get new members for your guild is to … Read more

Ten Advanced Ways To Learn Woodworking

Learning a woodworking or any new hobby does not have to be an exasperating experience. With the availability of the Internet, you can learn much quicker and much faster than ever before. This article is going to give you some great tips on how to accelerate your learning quicker than you ever thought possible. The … Read more


Throughout history happiness has been a central and controversial topic, as it embraces our entire being that forever aspires to it in numerous and often contradictory ways. After a quarter century of relentless investigation, here is what I have to say about it. Having said this, even this sort of happiness is a product of … Read more

Checking for Key Digital Camera Features

In this article, I shall provide a list of the digital camera key features that you should think and know about. Here’s a summary of what to look for: 1.Resolution Resolution determines how sharp your image will be, how much you can enlarge a photo before the pixels start to becomedistracting, and how much you … Read more