Kuri, This Is How The App To Be Greener When Eating Works

Kuri, This Is How The App To Be Greener When Eating Works

Individual responsibility is key to preserve the environment, and with that purpose Kuri, the app to be greener when eating, was created. Care in nutrition and respect for the environment to limit the ecological footprint are two aspects that we are paying more and more attention to. In order to know better how we eat … Read more

Importance of Videos For Digital Marketing For Your Small Business

Importance of Videos For Digital Marketing For Your Small Business

Every beginning is difficult, especially when you start a business today, because there is so much to do, in different fields – production, marketing, sales, distribution, finance, administration… Especially when it’s a one-man show, that is when you have a small business and probably a very limited number of employees. Or maybe you don’t even … Read more

How To Use Sweatcoin To Earn Cryptocurrencies


There is a growing interest in how to use Sweatcoin to earn cryptocurrencies and make a profit from our daily physical activity. Using apps to get fit is an increasingly widespread phenomenon in our society, but some even offer benefits, causing many users to wonder how to use Sweatcoin to earn cryptocurrencies. The fact that … Read more

Why Sweatcoin Does Not Count My Steps


Frustrated to see that not all your activity is reflected? Discover the reasons why Sweatcoin doesn’t count my steps Having an application that in addition to forcing us to do physical activity offers us rewards is undoubtedly a good idea, but sometimes we wonder why Sweatcoin does not count my steps, or at least not … Read more

What help do students often need with a programming assignment?


Programming assignments very often stupefy students due to their complexity and long duration. Despite the fact that programming is in great demand and now there are a lot of faculties that teach this profession, there are not many sources where students can find help. Because the development world is constantly changing and evolving, programming can … Read more

Why Telegram Doesn’t Notify Me Of Messages


Find out the reasons why Telegram does not notify you of new messages that reach you Telegram is one of the most used messaging applications today. If when you log in you see that you have messages that you have not been notified of, you may wonder why Telegram does not notify me of messages? … Read more