Xiaomi CyberDog 2 including the analysis and how to buy it outside of China

The Xiaomi Cyberdog is a second generation robotic dog that is smaller and lighter than its predecessors. This open source robot dog, inspired by a real dog or real dogs , has been making waves in the tech world. Developed by Xiaomi as a competitor to the Boston Dynamics Spot, the Xiaomi Cyberdog is capable of performing continuous back flips and other impressive maneuvers. With its advanced technology and sleek design, the Xiaomi Cyberdog is revolutionizing the world of robotics.

It was on August 14, 2023 that a significant event occurred in the field of technology: A presentation was made by Lei Jun, the head of Xiaomi, at the Communications World Network News Conference (CWW) regarding CyberDog 2, the final member of his creative robotic family.

The arduous engineering and research efforts of Xiaomi have resulted in the creation of a remarkable bionic quadruped robot, which is a masterpiece in the field of robotics.

Additionally, this CyberDog 2 undergoes a comprehensive technical overhaul, which allows it to inherit and expand upon the merits of its predecessor. This is because it is equipped with a high-performance engine of the latest generation that was built by Xiaomi. This engine provides it with a more strong dynamic response and enables it to carry out more complex operations.

In addition, the renovation of the 19A sensor system, in conjunction with an artificial intelligence-based voice interface system that is connected to Xiao Ai’s capabilities, allows them to elevate their abilities in bionic mobility and interactive experience to a much greater level.


Design that is more adaptable and lighter

The CyberDog 2 is a quadruped robot with a highly bionic design that draws its inspiration from the natural world in a significant way. With a size reduction of 16% and a weight reduction of roughly 40%, the CyberDog 2 is a remarkable improvement over its predecessor in terms of its compactness by a significant margin.

The proportions of the legs and waist have been changed to obtain a more realistic and natural appearance, bringing it closer to the appearance of a genuine tiny dog. The head of CyberDog 2 is reminiscent of a Doberman or a Pinscher, which is a subject of interest from an aesthetic standpoint.

In addition, in order to cater to the specific tastes of users, the CyberDog 2 has been outfitted with nine housings that can be removed completely and are all prepared to be replaced through the process of 3D printing. This enables users to take full advantage of their creative potential and customize their appearance in accordance with their individual preferences. In addition to this, CyberDog 2 has introduced a limited-edition electrocromic crystal that has the ability to provide an enthralling effect.


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Improvements in athletic skills with self-developed micromotors

The basic movement skills of CyberDog 2 have been subjected to a significant amount of optimization, which has resulted in a significant improvement in the dog’s flexibility and mobility in a variety of contexts and areas.

The CyberGear micromotor, which was developed by Xiaomi, is largely responsible for this advancement. It has a high power output and a tiny volume. The ability to do a broad variety of activities, including dances, somersaults, and even skating, is made possible by this. Not only does it have an excellent capacity for movement, but it also refines precision in the management of sensitive movements.

The engine control system faces great problems when it is required to carry out complex maneuvers. In comparison to its predecessor, the new generation of engines that were developed in-house gives double the precision of the previous generation. These engines, which are characterized by their diminutive size and explosive power, function in conjunction with the ongoing modification of the algorithm that controls the operation.

As a direct consequence of this consequence, the CyberDog 2 action repertoire has grown substantially. In addition to movements that closely resemble those of tiny dogs, such as jumping back and forth, bowing, and other similar actions, it is now capable of doing more complex movements.

Surprisingly, CyberDog 2 is capable of performing rhythmic movements of its four legs, copying the famous lunar dance. Additionally, it is able to simulate the steps of a ballet dancer who crosses his legs and repeatedly touches the ground. Even more impressive is the fact that the robot can skateboard, propel itself with one leg, and keep its balance while moving. CyberDog 2 has not only been able to keep the capacity to accomplish the backflip that was present in the previous generation, but he has also been able to successfully execute a frontflip for the very first time. This is further evidence of his exceptional dynamic balance and mechanical control abilities.

In addition, the CyberDog 2 provides training through the use of Xiaomi’s artificial intelligence booster learning platform, which enables you to swiftly get up in the case that you fall. It also comes with a tiny UWB remote control that allows the user to “walk the dog” in a manner that allows them to closely follow the owner and actively avoid obstacles.

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Integrating perception and intelligent decision making

Throughout the course of its development, CyberDog 2 has implemented a number of significant technological advancements in the area of intelligent interaction. When it comes to this capabilities, the NX chip and its two coprocessors are the most important components. Having a computational power of up to 21T, this robot possesses the essential capacity to handle sophisticated intelligent interactions. This will enable you to comprehend and respond with more precision to human contributions, behavior, and emotions.

Because it is outfitted with 19 different sets of sensors, the CyberDog 2 is a highly sentient being that is able to perceive its surroundings with a greater degree of accuracy. This arrangement, when combined with its sophisticated picture recognition technology, enables you to record and recognize the facial expressions, voice tones, and body language of the owner. However, what is even more remarkable is that it is able to “read” the emotions of the owner, which results in interactions that are truly and completely humanized.

In addition to this, CyberDog 2 is able to intelligently follow its owner because to the embedded sensors and cognitive decision-making capabilities that it possesses. In the event that you come across impediments along the path, you have the ability to proactively avoid them and continue to follow the owner in a smooth manner.

However, the capabilities of CyberDog 2 are not limited to this point. You can also operate Mijia devices by using the integrated Xiao Ai Classmate voice platform. Additionally, you can link to a wide range of AIoT devices in order to gain full management of smart homes and transform into a strong assistant for smart environments.


Programming in graphics

Users are able to easily build programs without having to grasp complex programming languages thanks to CyberDog 2’s innovative introduction of a graphical programming interface. This interface not only enhances your ability to customize your program, but it also significantly eliminates the technical barrier that is associated with programming. Through the usage of this feature, the user is able to achieve deeper interactions that are suited to their own requirements.

There is a wide selection of pre-set modules available through the graphical programming interface of CyberDog 2. In order to generate pieces of the program logic, users can create these modules by dragging and dropping them. Basic movement control, such as forwarding, backward, and direction, as well as more complicated emotional reactions, such as queuing, joyful expressions, or sad expressions, are all included in these modules. There are even more advanced functions included, such as the ability to recognize the owner’s facial expressions using the camera that is embedded inside the device.

Additionally, these modules can be combined through a variety of logical links in order to facilitate the creation of more complicated interactive modes. In order to carry out actions in accordance with the predetermined program, users have the ability to configure activation time, actions, and other additional circumstances. When CyberDog 2 recognizes the person in front of him as its owner, for instance, it is able to wag its tail to show that it is pleased with the situation.


Over 100 open interfaces and over 80% open source

The most notable characteristic of the CyberDog 2 platform is the fact that it places a strong emphasis on the openness of its source code. It is marketed as an open platform that offers unrivaled transparency and customization capability in the industry, spanning from the fundamental hardware architecture to the most advanced precision algorithms. It is portrayed as having endless potential. The unrivaled leader in the entire business is this company, which boasts an open source record of more than 80 percent.

CyberDog 2 also offers more than one hundred interfaces, giving any developer who is looking for innovation the flexibility to completely display their creativity. This is done in order to suit the needs of a wide variety of professionals who are interested in innovation. As a result of this unparalleled openness environment, Xiaomi is convinced that CyberDog 2 will encourage the growth of creative potential and the potential of professionals in an unbounded manner.


How and where can I obtain the latest CyberDog 2?

As was to be expected, this product has been introduced solely for the Chinese market. This implies that if we are interested in purchasing it, our only choice is to look for it in online retailers like AliExpress. Having said that, it is essential to keep in mind that the customs inspection process in our country may be applicable to the aforementioned categories of products. In the event that this takes place, we will almost certainly be required to pay the taxes that are associated with it, which may very well result in a considerable rise in the price of the goods.

As a result, it is recommended to get in touch with the customs officials in order to obtain information regarding the potential additional expenses. If you are urged to purchase a product that possesses these features, our recommendation is that you have a conversation with the seller before you click the “Buy” button. During this conversation, you should express any concerns you have regarding the shipment, the declared value, the payment of VAT or the tax that corresponds to the product.

There is also the option of acquiring it through a purchasing agent in China, such as Wegobuy. The commission that they charge for work is typically between 5 and 10 percent. There is a possibility that this will change depending on the nation from where you intend to import. Therefore, the most important thing is that you educate yourself well and conduct a thorough search among all of the possibilities that are available online.