Create your own 3D model with Gravity Sketch and print it with your 3D Printer

Create or design a piece to your liking in Virtual Reality with Gravity Sketch in a custom environment and I show you how to export your creation for printing with Ultimate Cura and a 3D printer.

The Virtual Reality design tool Gravity Sketch is now free for the Oculus Rift Store, Quest and Steam VR 

And is that the company advocates that 3D designs should be addressed much earlier instead of making so many plans and 2D models when you are going to make any kind of creative content.

What is Gravity Sketch?

With Gravity Sketch you will be able to create 3D models thanks to its intuitive interface that will allow us to create sketches or detailed models with thousands of layers in customized environments.

We can also import images and 3D files to modify the models that we had previously downloaded on our computer to modify them to our liking.

Or simply draw or design an object and export it as a 3D file where we can see it in our viewer or we can segment it to print it if we have a 3D printer.

Why is it now free?

Oluwaseyi Sosanya co-founder and CEO of Gravity Sketch stated that offering a free product would allow them to welcome a much more diverse group of users to their application.

But this application will soon have two editions, the “Core” version which will be free and will have all the creative tools and importing options

And the “Business” version which will include a variety of custom features with access to co-creation features so that multiple people can work on the same project in real time.

But I paid for this app….

If you were one of the first to buy this application you should not be upset about your investment of money as you have not only helped the development of this application.

Gravity Sketch thanks its long-time users for their support by giving you up to 5GB of storage in LandingPad (1GB for free users) and a status that allows us early access to future features and services.

As for the future of this app, they are still developing the iPad app with more mannequin features and creative bow materials.

How can I print my Gravity Sketch creations on a 3D Printer?

As we have already mentioned the Gravity Sketch interface is extremely simple and intuitive, it also puts at our disposal a lot of tools to make our 3D piece and print it in Cura.

First and foremost is to create an account in LandingPad where we are asked for an email address that we can verify and we will be asked a few questions

Create the figure in Gravity Sketch

After identifying ourselves with our account it is time to create our artwork in the program, I will create something simple to make this little tutorial as visual as possible.

Once we have our piece developed to our liking (no matter the color since the 3D printing will be done in the color of your filament) we will go to the menu and use the Export option.

Gravity Sketch allows us to export in several formats, I am going to export it in 3D with an .obj file format which is the most common.

This will generate a file in our computer with the compressed format .rar that will open instantly and will be saved in the location:

This Computer> Local Disk C:> Users> (Your user)> Documents> Gravity Sketch> Exported Sketches.

Print the 3D part from Gravity Sketch with Ultimate Cura

Inside this file will be the object with the extension we decided to save it, before we continue we will remove this object from the .rar file since Ultimate Cura does not recognize .rar files.

Once this is done we open Ultimate Cura and hit open project, select our .obj file, it will take a few seconds to load the figure and it will appear in our “bed”.

It is very likely that with the same Ultimate Cura tools you will have to modify the dimensions and position of the piece so that it fits perfectly in the bed of your 3D printer.

Now we only have to click on segmentation where we will divide the figure into layers and send it to our printer via WiFi or SD memory card, as we have it configured.

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