Discord Not Working? Reasons And Solutions

Have you opened Discord on your device and found it not working? If so, keep reading this guide as we will cover all possible causes and provide solutions to the problem. Discord is among the most used social networks, you can visit it Create a server and invite your friends to join. It can also Add bots variety for a pleasant conversation.

Due to the widespread use of the Discord platform, sometimes the servers crash, or else the problem may be on your side and not on the Discord platform. Well, we will present all possible reasons for Discord inaction, along with the development of solutions.

Possible reasons for Discord crash

Here is a list of reasons why Discord can’t be opened and used, with a solution behind each reason.

Insufficient RAM

Of course, if you have a computer with low specifications, Discord may not work properly, and you may experience interruptions and not respond quickly, or it may become completely impossible to use. If you have bad RAM, the broadcast on Discord will not be processed properly, and the same goes for the processor, as it should not come from the old weak version.

The first thing to be sure of is your computer’s specifications to know how much RAM you have. If it is 4 GB or less, I advise you to upgrade it, that is, add RAM to your computer to become 6. (It’s best to consult a technical specialist to do this).

Also, I recommend closing all programs and windows on your computer when using Discord, to ensure that it is used more easily.


If you use a VPN connection, it will probably hinder smooth access and use of the Discord platform, as the IP address connected to it via the VPN may be blocked by Discord. So, I would advise you to disable the VPN and then make sure that it works Discord without any problems.

In addition, it is rare that the protection program causes us a problem connecting to the Discord network, and since it is possible, I advise you to disable the protection program on your device via the settings.

An unsupported game is running

If you are playing an unsupported game on your device, it can hinder the use of the Discord platform, giving you a bad user experience. Of course, it will result in Ping high. Therefore, I recommend that you first check the requirements for running this game on your computer and, if it is not supported, do not run it while using the Discord platform.

Even if it is supported, if you are broadcasting on Discord and playing a video game that requires an Internet connection at the same time, it may result in a bad Internet connection on the Discord network, and thus give you a bad experience.

Discord software update

Regardless of using the Discord web platform, if you are using an older version of the program, you may encounter many problems, the latest version is the one that provides the user with a good user experience without errors or problems.

Therefore, update the Discord Traverse official website and download a new copy and install it on your computer.

Check the status of your Internet connection

Of course, if you have poor Internet speed or if you face a problem of disconnection in the network, it is natural that this will result in the inability to use the Discord platform. I advise you By checking the strength of the Wi-Fi signal you have. Enter an Internet speed measurement site to know the Internet speed you have.

If you are connected to Wi-Fi but not to the Internet, I recommend you to check our separate guide in which we have provided 10 ways to solve the problem of wifi connected but not the Internet.

Discord Servers Disabled

This is rare, but it is also a possibility. Since the platform is used by millions of people at the same time, there may be times when the servers are down due to excessive pressure or a problem. Here, there is nothing you can do but wait for the servers to get back up and running.

To make sure that the Discord servers are not available, go to Down Detector and then type Discord In the search box, it will show you whether the Discord servers are down or not.

Closing words

Here are the possible reasons why a network cannot be used Discord. Carefully go through and confirm these solutions one by one to know your fate with the Discord platform. Hopefully, the problem is only minor and you have solved it. Share your opinion with us in the comments below about the problem that caused Discord to crash on your device.

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