The Best Bots To Improve The Discord Experience

Discord is one of the most important platforms of the moment to communicate with your friends. Its ability to congregate a large number of users who are allowed to chat from a common room is very useful. It is even more so if you have to divide the communication into several teams and you have to manage who goes in each one, in case you are an administrator.

But sometimes you have to delegate some kind of situation to an AI capable of solving it and for that we are going to show you the best Discord bots that you can install.

Discord, a versatile tool

Right now we don’t need to tell you much about Discord and how to use it. The instant messaging app is a very useful system for many teams so that everyone receives the latest news from the channel, either in writing or by voice chat.

And this is how it works, all thanks to the different chats in which it is possible to group up to a maximum of 99 people inside.

But today we are going to talk about other members who are part of Discord groups and who are not users. We are talking about Discord bots, which are pieces of code that automate important processes for users working within the application.

Some focus more on productivity, others moderate content and, why not, even play music to make the day go faster.

How to find Discord bots

This is a question that many people ask themselves, and everything is as simple as searching on Google for some of the many pages dedicated to the distribution of these pieces of code. Best of all, like browser extensions, is that the vast majority are free and you can install and uninstall them at will.

Many developers have their bot on a separate website, but if you are looking for various solutions one of the most popular websites is BotsOnDiscord, which will show you the new integrations of these automated codes.

It also has its own filter and search engine, something that will speed up your search for what you need. Best of all, you only have to click a couple of buttons when you have found the one you need to have it on your platform.

What are the best Discord bots?

The time has come, we are going to tell you which are the best bots for Discord. You will find all kinds in this list of recommendations, so choose the ones you find most useful:


Ayana is possibly one of the most complete Discord bots you can find. It is a very versatile tool that will provide you with moderation functions and will make the content within the channel much more dynamic. It is also available in Spanish, which is much appreciated.


Security is something important to take into account on your server. You are not safe from trolls or malicious bots that can attack your Discord space.

Therefore, Wickbot will be your safest option to keep at bay from malicious raids to spam, and it will ask for a captcha verification from new users entering the server.

In addition, it will be able to ban unwanted interaction from users who violate security rules and automatically quarantine them.

Download Wickbot


One of the best Discord bots is PatchBot. It is oriented to the most gamers and its function is to warn about the maintenance of the most played games.

The good thing is that it not only warns, but also tells you which are the most important changes of each patch, something that in online games usually changes often. Besides, it is interesting to know how the new metagame works.

Install PatchBot

Friend Time

Perfect for events and group planning now that many people are teleworking. Friend Time is a very interesting tool for all those who want to announce something new at a certain time.

But as the time changes depending on where you are on the globe, this bot will change the time according to the user’s location. So no one will miss that important announcement.

Download Friend Time

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