Access hidden games on the Google search engine

To have fun with friends or simply to pass the time, Google has the habit of hiding small simple, and original hidden games in its search engine. Here is a selection of ten games to try.

Google developers love to hide amazing features in their services. We call them Easter Eggs. Among these little surprises prepared by Google are several original games, which can be played easily using the search engine from a browser.

If you are looking for a pleasant way to spend time in front of your screen, or if you are having fun with friends, here is a selection of ten surprising or unavoidable games, hidden by Google in its search engine.

The rules are simple and the commands are elementary – everything is done with the mouse or the keyboard – and are usually indicated with diagrams.

Leading a snake with Google Snake

Capture 570

In the Google search bar, type Google Snake and click on the blue Play button (link here).

Google offers you a “browser game” version of the very classic Snake. Steer your snake without touching the walls and collect as many apples as you can.

Challenge friends with Great Ghoul Duel

Capture1 97

Type Google Great Ghoul Duel in the search bar to access this multiplayer game hidden by Google.

Or click directly on the game address here.

In this interactive Google, you play as a ghost and have to collect spirit flames. The game is played in teams: green versus purple, as Great Ghoul Duel is the first multiplayer game put online by Google. You can create your own game and invite up to seven players by sending them a link. Or simply join a game in progress.

Play two players in Google Tic-Tac-Toe

Capture2 51

Type Tic Tac Toe in the search bar to access this Tic Tac Toe game directly from the Google engine (link here).

At the top left, you select the computer’s level of play, or you can choose to play against a friend. Then, it’s up to you to be the first to align three crosses or three circles.

Teaching children to code while having fun

Capture3 40

Access the interactive Doodle by clicking on the game address here.

Google has put this game online to teach kids the basics of coding. If you know Scratch, you’ll feel comfortable guiding your rabbit in collecting carrots. An original game to introduce children to the joys of programming.

Succeed in a Rubik’s Cube Google version

Capture4 25

Go to the interactive Rubik’s Cube site put online by Google and find this amazing version of the famous puzzle.

To navigate the game, simply use your mouse.

Pass the time with Google’s Solitaire

Capture5 20

Go to the Google website, type Google Solitaire and click on the blue Play button (link here).

This will take you to the mythical game of solitaire, which can be played directly on Google. All you have to do is choose your difficulty level and then find the classic game table: reconstitute the suits of cards by color, in a minimum of moves and without using up the deck.

Planting flowers with Google’s Garden Gnomes

Capture6 19

Type Google Garden Gnomes in the Google search bar.

Or you can click directly on the game address here.

You will find an interactive Doodle put online by Google to pay tribute to garden gnomes. The principle of the game is simple: press the space bar to start the catapult, then press the space bar again to propel your gnome and sow flowers as far as possible. An amazing game, like Angry Birds.

Defy the laws of gravity with Google Gravity

Capture7 17

Go to the Google search engine.

Type Google Gravity and click on I’m Lucky.

Or you can click directly on the game address here.

The search engine collapses before your eyes. With your mouse, you can move the different elements, throw them in the air and watch them fall back down, attracted by gravity. And you can even enter queries in the search bar.

Play the mythical Pacman on Google

Capture8 15

In the Google search bar, type Google PacMan and click on the blue Play button (link here).

You are back in 1980: drive your PacMan in the maze, escape from the monsters, get as many points as possible… All this in a sound environment worthy of the arcade games of the great era.

Test your general knowledge

Capture9 12

Go to the A Google a day website and click on the blue Start Playing button.

With A Google a day, it’s a real board game that Google offers: a kind of Trivial Pursuit in which you would be allowed to use the search engine to find your answers. The game is in English, but it is really original and moreover, it allows

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