How to change and convert the appearance of Windows to Mac

Find out how to change and convert the appearance of Windows to Mac. Although you can customize the appearance of the user interface in Windows, some people prefer only the appearance of the Mac. If you are a fan of the latter and do not want to display the original Windows user interface, there are several ways to change and convert the appearance of Windows to Mac. We will get familiar with the most important ones in this guide.

Before you start applying the process of changing the appearance of Windows to Mac, in order to protect your data, you should back it up to Google Drive or other storage services so that you won’t lose your data in case of system problems. It doesn’t mean that the system will crash, just for the safety of your data.

Use the attribute and Skin

One of the fastest ways to change the appearance of the Windows user interface is to use a Skin package. There are many Skin packages for Mac, which can be applied to Windows. You can log in to Skin packages page on the web, then choose the look you want. Going through The following link, you can download the look of the Monterey version. There you will also find the dark version that you can apply at night.

Once you have downloaded the package, you can click on it and follow the instructions to install it easily. During the installation process, you may be asked to choose the features you want to get from macOS. After the installation, you will notice that the folder and application icons have changed, the Windows icon will be changed with the Apple icon in the top corner, and the background and taskbar will also be changed.

macOS Transformation Pack

Pack macOS Transformation this will change the appearance and the way the Windows user interface interacts. Keep in mind that its last update was in 2019. Just go to the link above, then download the package and install it on Windows like any other program in the normal way.

Whether you are using Windows 10 or 11, the package will work on both versions.

It’s a theme package that includes many features, you can customize the appearance of Windows as you want and make it look like the Mac user interface. You can customize the desktop screen, login interface, screensaver, mouse pointer, fonts, taskbar, icons, search function, in addition to the sound.

In addition, this pack contains many Mac wallpapers for you to choose from. Moreover, on the Dock, you can add application icons, shortcuts, folders and URLs.

Use Rainmeter

If you want more customization on the look and behavior of Windows as macOS, use Rainmeter. It is a desktop appearance customizer. You can create Skins using Scratch, or download cool macOS packages from DevianArt.

If you don’t know how to use RainmeterThere are many videos explaining it on YouTube, and you can access them via this link.

Closing words

Indeed, there are programs that specialize only in customizing the Dock bar only, or changing the appearance of the mouse, or the appearance of folders, backgrounds. But this will require a lot of effort and the storage of many programs. Therefore, the best way to transform the appearance of Windows into a Mac and make it behave as it should by using a package or a theme and they allow you to customize all aspects of the Windows system.

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