How do I know the refresh rate of my PC monitor? – Hertz

If you have seen reviews on technology websites, you have probably heard about the refresh rate of a monitor or screen. But what is the meaning of this parameter, how do I know the refresh rate of my monitor, and can I change it? These questions will be answered in the following lines.

The refresh rate is a parameter used in visual output devices (monitors, tablets, cell phones, etc.), it represents the number of times the image we see on our monitor, cell phone, among others, is updated.

This measure is expressed in cycles per second (Hertz), i.e. if the refresh rate of our monitor is 144 Hz it means that the image is updated 144 times every second.

How many Hertz HZ should a computer monitor have?

For many years the refresh rate of monitors was set at 60 Hz, however there are currently devices in which you can adjust to other values such as 90, 120, 144 Hz even there are high-frequency with values higher than the latter as are 360Hz, so the Hertz of a computer can vary according to the monitor model and date of manufacture.

High frequency devices are generally used in gaming activities, where the response speed and the information provided by the monitor are of vital importance to avoid delays in the response, although the flickering of the screen cannot be detected by the human eye, it will influence the information presented to the user.

How to know the HZ Hertz rate of your computer?

To know the refresh rate of your computer you have several options to find out, the simplest is to go to the label placed by the manufacturer on the back of the equipment, where you will find the energy and refresh rate specifications. You can also check the user’s manual that comes with the equipment or search for it on the manufacturer’s website or other internet sites.

You can also find out the refresh rate with free applications and web pages where you can check the configuration of your equipment with simple mouse movements. Remember that if you are using 2 monitors or you have duplicated your mobile screen on your PC you may have small differences if these devices are not working at the same frequency.

How to access the screen refresh rate settings?

In updated Windows 10 you can access your monitor refresh rate settings in two different ways which we present to you right away:

From desktop customization

From the desktop personalization we just have to go to the desktop screen and click the right button, then select ‘Personalize’, then a window will appear, at the top of the gray section (left side) there is a search box where we will place the words ‘Frequency’.

Several options will appear, select the one that says ‘View advanced display information’ and that’s it. You will see the specifications of your display in the ‘Display information’ section. 

Directly from the display settings

You can also access the display settings by going to the desktop and right-clicking on it, from the pop-up menu select the ‘Display Settings’ option.

A window will open, look for the ‘Advanced Display Settings’ option on the right side and select it, another window will appear, look for the ‘Refresh Rate’ option, change the setting in which a box will appear with the value at which your computer is configured.

How to change the Hertz of your PC to increase the refresh rate of the monitor?

Sometimes there are screens that you can increase the refresh rate, but it implies a higher power consumption. Remember that not all monitors have this option. If the monitor has been manufactured for a certain period of time, it is most likely that its refresh rate is 60Hz and cannot be modified.

But if your monitor is of recent manufacturing date then you can modify it, to do so follow the same steps you used to access the monitor configuration in which you will see a box with the modification options. Select the one you want, click on accept and that’s it, you have changed the refresh rate of your monitor.

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