How to duplicate my Apple screen on another device? – The best tricks

The Apple company has created a way to view your iPhone mobile device from any device that is compatible with Apple screen technology where you can access and duplicate the screen, so if you need it you can project from your iPhone any video, photo or information that you consider important to share with friends, or simply view from a TV screen for more comfort or any other device.

On which devices can you duplicate an Apple screen?

On any Apple compatible device that uses the AirPlay tool technology (Mac, Apple TV or compatible smart TV) which is the one used by Apple to send the desired information from one device to another.  

What are the requirements to be able to mirror your Apple display?

As we know the Apple platform is only compatible with devices with Apple applications, in this case they must have the AirPlay technology that is used to duplicate an Apple screen on mobile devices or PCs.

How can you duplicate your Apple TV on another device?

If what you want is to duplicate your Apple TV to any other device you must have the compatible mobile versions (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) with the Apple brand, for which the world famous company has created the AirPlay technology with which you can share your favorite videos or any other desired information you have on your mobile device to your smart TV.

Using AirPlay

With very simple steps you can use AirPlay technology, if you want to share with friends or project important information to your office colleagues, this new technology will allow you to view the contents of the mobile devices you have on hand, here is how to do it in a few simple steps:

  • First you must access the Control Center on your iPhone. To do this you must slide your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top in order to view it.
  • In case you have iPhone 8 or IOS11 (or earlier versions) you must swipe down from the top of the screen. Press the icon with the figure of a box with the arrow to enter the AirPlay menu.
  • Finally, select from the list of options the device to which you want to send the information displayed on the screen.

To duplicate the screen on an iPhone

  • First you have to connect your mobile device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) to the wifi network that has the smart TV (Apple TV or Mac) compatible with AirPlay.
  • It is important to know that in case you do not have a wireless network you can use the compatible physical connectors that you can buy from any technology store, to connect via cables with the devices.
  • Proceed to enter the ‘Control Center’ and once on the screen of your mobile device you must slide your fingers down from the top of the screen.
  • It is important that you know that in the iPhone 8 or IOS 11 (or earlier) version you slide the screen from the bottom to the top of the screen. We proceed to press on the option that indicates Duplicate screen.
  • A selection menu will be displayed with a list where you will see the devices compatible with AirPlay2. In case a verification code appears on the TV or Mac screen, you must place it on your mobile device.
  • From this moment on you will be able to enjoy your video or the information that your mobile device has on the screen of your smart TV.
  • At the moment you want to stop duplicating the device, go back to the ‘Control Center’, then press ‘Duplicate Screen’ and proceed to press ‘Stop Duplicating’ or you can also press the Apple TV Remote button.

How to wired connect your Apple TV to another device to duplicate the screen?

If you do not have a WiFi network available to duplicate your Apple display to connect wirelessly, you can resort to physical technological equipment to make the adaptation, in this case you must have a compatible TV that has the HDMI connector.

Have a connector or multiport adapter compatible with Lightning to digital AV that you can find in any technology store and have an HDMI cable that you can adapt to the connector.

Once you have these materials, the first thing to do is to connect the Apple TV to a power outlet and with the HDMI cable connect the device we want to the Apple TV.

Finally, configure all the necessary requirements and requests. It is important to know that as with the Apple company, from its Android competition it is also possible to connect a cell phone to a TV.