How to zoom out on a Mac easily? – Accessibility settings

Find out how to zoom out on a Mac easily. Zoom is one of the many functions you can find inside a Mac. So to learn more about your computer, we will present a variety of settings where you will find how to zoom out your computer so you can use it more easily and get the most out of it.

How to zoom out on a Mac?

Most browsers have by default to increase and decrease the zoom as it is one of the functions of the operating system of the computer, and this works with everything whether with images, text, videos and others, then we explain how to decrease the zoom on your Mac.

  • First we will select the Preference option
  • Then select Accessibility
  • A window will open with more options and we will locate Zoom
  • We will look for the option to use scroll gesture with modifier keys for zoom
  • Once you have accepted this function, you are ready to proceed to zoom out on your Mac.
  • The key to zoom out will be to enter the command and with your finger on the mouse, you will proceed to minimize either the image, text or program you have open on your computer.
  • Once you learn how to do this, you will be able to perform most of your tasks more easily, including removing or changing the screen saver. Of course, this is mainly focused on people with visual problems.

Using the mouse scrolling

We will learn how to activate the zoom of our Mac, we will put it in a dynamic way to make it easier to use. To speed up this process, we have to verify that the command is enabled on our computer and we verify it in the following way:

Looking for the accessibility option and in the zoom option, we will see if this option is already activated. We only have to proceed to press the Command key and we will see how to zoom in or zoom out by pressing on the mouse

With trackpad gestures

The trackpad is the touch surface that you find on your Mac and has a multitude of gestures to which you can take advantage of, we will show you below how to do it:

  • To zoom in or minimize you have to position yourself on the trackpad.
  • To zoom in on an image you have to open or close your fingers, just like you would on your phone.
  • You can also use the trackpad to click on an element, right or left click, rotate an image or documents, to know if you have this option activated you just have to go to system preferences and select where it says trackpad and it will be in operation, even you will see video tutorials to make it easier to handle this gesture.

How to remove the zoom completely on your Mac?

While we have already worked with the Mac and we know its functions, its programs and how to handle it, we can disable the zoom completely in the easiest and simplest way, we would only have to repeat the process we did when we activated the zoom, I explain you will go to the Accessibility option and you will locate the Zoom option, once inside this option you will only have to disable the scrolling gesture.

In this way you will have completely disabled this option and the only way you can use the Zoom again and enjoy its function is by activating it with the same steps.

How to configure the zoom style on a Mac?

There are several styles to be able to apply the zoom, it is a very accessible way to apply it on the whole screen or on a part of it, even using command you can do it, for that follow these steps:

  • We can use keyboard shortcut to change the zoom, after you have selected ‘Use keyboard shortcuts to change zoom’, you can zoom in by pressing these keys option +command + equal sign, to zoom out press option + command + minus sign and to toggle the zoom press option +command + 8.
  • You use the scroll gesture with modifier keys to change the zoom, already selected this option you can press the control key while scrolling with the mouse.
  • You can activate the floating text and this will allow you to see an element in a bigger way, just by pressing the command key and with the mouse sliding over the folder we visualize.

What other accessibility settings can you make on a Mac?

While we know that this computer has many features for its users to enjoy the way they want, this has different accessibility settings that are very important especially for those users who have any special condition, so we will show you the different types of options that a Mac has.

  • You will have accessibility features available from the moment you turn on your computer.
  • If you have vision problems you can adjust them with the available options.
  • You will be able to put underscores on the keyboard using the command line.
  • read the screen with Voiceover
  • If you want you can enlarge the content of the screen
  • Modify the appearance of the interface
  • Use a physical keyboard or the on-screen keyboard
  • You can also use your voice to control your Mac

However all these accessibility settings can also help us with respect to platforms and navigations in general to know if someone read a message on linkedin or other social networks.

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