How to increase the battery life of the Apple Watch

Over the years, Apple Watch battery life has certainly improved. In fact, today, while it cannot guarantee the autonomy performance offered by cheaper and less feature-rich smart bands, even two days of standard use cannot be ruled out. In addition, thanks to the optimization of some settings that we will see below, it will be possible to further increase the overall battery life. Some of the operations we’ll see will only apply to certain Apple Watch models, while all others can be perfectly exploited on any device.

Disable background app updates

Just like iPhone, the Apple Watch also has multitasking, which updates some operations in the background to ensure that notifications and information about all services are constantly updated. Therefore, turning off background updating for less important apps will save power.

  • Open the “Watch” app on your iPhone
  • Continue with “General
  • Click on “Update background apps
  • Disable the toggle to the right of the apps you want to disable or disable all of them using the option above

Disable app notifications

Receiving all iPhone notifications directly on your wrist is undoubtedly convenient, but also quite battery-intensive. Therefore, it might be a good idea to disable all notifications from less important and non-priority apps.

  • Open the “Watch” app on your iPhone
  • Continue with “Notifications
  • Go down and disable the toggle to the right of the apps whose notifications you want to disable

Avoid haptic feedback

Closely related to notifications is the haptic feedback, that sort of vibration that alerts the user of the arrival of notification even in silent mode. Obviously, disabling this feedback will also benefit your battery.

  • Open the “Watch” app on your iPhone
  • Continue with “Sounds and haptic feedback”.
  • Deactivate the toggle to the right of “Haptic feedback alerts”.

Enable power saving during a workout

One of the most battery-consuming options on the Apple Watch is undoubtedly the one related to the recording of workouts. In this phase, in fact, all the sensors installed on the smartwatch come into play, in order to ensure more correct data on the activity performed.

By enabling power saving during training, some of these sensors will act more slowly, saving battery power, but offering less accurate and more approximate data. In case this is not important, we recommend you do it immediately.

  • Open the “Watch” app on your iPhone
  • Continue with “Training
  • Activate the toggle to the right of “Power Saving”.

Disable always-on display and wrist rotation

Starting with the Series 5, the Apple Watch features the always-on display, which always shows the time and important information without having to turn your wrist and activate the screen with a tap. It is therefore obvious that the longer the screen is on, the more the battery will suffer. Therefore, in case you can easily do without it, we suggest disabling it.

In addition, just as mentioned a few lines above, activating the screen when you turn your wrist will also affect battery life. In this case, too, you can disable the option.

  • Open the “Watch” app on your iPhone
  • Continue with “General
  • Choose “Turn on screen
  • Disable always-on and the “When you lift your wrist” feature

Prefer dark screens

The Apple Watch’s screen is equipped with OLED technology, characterized by the fact that whenever a black screen appears today, all pixels will turn off to provide better color quality. By turning off the pixels though, the battery will also gain, as it won’t have to power certain areas of the display. It goes without saying, then, that taking advantage of darker and more black-centered dials will ensure a longer life span. The best thing to do, therefore, will be to avoid watch faces with photographs or with colors that are too bright.

Update the software

Finally, we can’t help but advise you to also keep your smartwatch’s software constantly updated, as Apple always tends to optimize the operations available to its devices, in order to offer in any case the best performance, while trying to consume as little energy as possible.

  • Open the “Watch” app on your iPhone
  • Continue with “General
  • Choose “Software Update
  • If present, click on “Download and install” on the latest available version
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