I Have No Internet Connection On My Smart Phone, Why?

Find out about I have no Internet connection on my smart phone. One of the things that all users take for granted that they will have coverage anywhere in the world, but the reality is quite different. It is true that still, in 2021, there are areas where coverage is very weak or non-existent, but when you are in an area where the signal reaches you but you have no Internet connection, you may find it very strange.

We tell you why this phenomenon happens and how to avoid it as much as possible.

If I have full coverage, why don’t I have Internet?

This is one of the things that can make a user most angry: having mobile coverage but no Internet. It is something that makes no sense at first sight, but it can happen at the most unexpected moment.

And there are many problems that can cause this phenomenon, some that you have not even taken into account because they may be too obvious or that you did not even think about.

Today you may have a clearer vision that even if there is coverage in a place, the Internet connection may fail. And, as we say, there are many reasons and today we are going to tell you most of them.

Why don’t I have an Internet connection?

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you do not have Internet connection on your mobile. Being in a densely populated city there are areas or times when the phone fails for no reason, so today you will know why this phenomenon occurs. Luckily it may only affect you for a while, but before knowing how to fix it let’s see why it happens.

The first of the reasons why you have no Internet connection may be the place where you are. Yes, that’s right, and there are many factors at play here. You may not know it and there may be a signal inhibitor nearby, which will reduce the strength of the mobile coverage.

It may also be due to a failure in a nearby repeater, something more common than it seems. You may not know it, but the connection you receive on your handset is determined by the link it makes with nearby repeaters.

In essence, you disconnect from one and connect to the next, but sometimes this change is not done properly. The result is that your coverage is affected, even to the point of not having a line to talk.

Another reason why you have no Internet connection on your mobile is because you are far away from your WiFi access point. It seems very obvious, but surely you have left home looking at something in the browser and as you move away from the router the signal is therefore weaker.

Of course, your device holds on until the signal is 0, and in the meantime you can be loading a page without realizing that you are not connected.

Last but not least, the weather plays a fundamental role in these cases. On a good day there is nothing to fear, but heavy rainfall, blizzards and other adverse conditions can affect whether you get a decent connection.

What to do if you have no Internet connection

If we focus on finding solutions to this common problem, there are all kinds of solutions, some more drastic than others. For example, moving to a new location is an important part of recovering your Internet connection as you will find a new coverage area.

You can also reboot your terminal or even, before doing so, you can toggle the WiFi and Network buttons on and off to reset the connection or disable the WiFi link.

Against the weather there is not much you can do but wait for the storm to pass, the same as if the Network in a place is very saturated. As far as your Smart phone is concerned, you can do more, such as restarting it if you see that it does not recover for a while.

It may be that your company does not have coverage in the place where you are, so you will have to change if it is worth it. Of course, if your mobile is many years old, it may be best to change it as soon as possible.