Which one makes more money, TikTok or Kwai? – Best application to monetize

Both TikTok and the social network Kwai have gained enormous relevance in the last short term. There are those who opened a new rift and great debates before the arrival of these platforms. The truth is that these short video applications came to make a difference and add more and more followers.

Kwai: Its main feature is that this platform openly declares itself ‘inclusive and federal’, this means that its content can reach 500 thousand views even if it has few followers, this amount is allowed by the hashtags and the algorithm that ensures that your content can reach so many people.

In turn, they also have different video options selected as ‘for you’, which allow you exclusive recommendations, ‘followed’, which are according to who you follow and follow you, in this option you can also choose who can follow you or not, or ‘discover’ which are new recommendations that you may like.

In terms of content, Kwai usually has a lot of produced content, that is to say that its videos usually have an idea, realization, editing and production.

In some countries, there are programs and short films of up to 90 minutes. Kwai’s idea is to position itself as the new social network for videos, with professional content and at the same time a platform to launch itself as a professional, with a good chance of achieving successful productions.

TikTok: In this platform the algorithm works depending on the ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and the number of times ‘shared’, something like the functioning of established social networks.

And it is closely related to the world of ‘influencers’ and ‘celebrities’, which means that its content is not linked to audiovisual productions, but spreads the life of public figures, is intended for entertainment, the themes are usually: humor, dances, challenges, short stand up performances, short stories, among others.

How do you earn money watching videos in this type of applications?

In both platforms it is not necessary to have an account to enjoy the videos. In this post we are going to tell you how to earn more money watching and generating videos and what types of withdrawals can be made with each one.

To earn with Kwai

In favor of this application we will say that it can pay you 1 USD if you watch a complete video and, in general, they last about 45 minutes. At the same time, you will be able to accumulate coins as you watch videos, from 20,000 coins they have value.

Kwai can also pay you by ‘invitation’, i.e. for inviting users, you can be paid between 0.10 USD and 1 USD. Kwai can also pay you 1 USD for every 2000 views of your videos. Something remarkable is that this program allows you to restrict video comments.

Generating with TikTok

In this case, the application pays you for watching videos and for sure you can earn good money with it, between 1 and 2 dollars for 25 minutes per day, but that the same is ‘TikTok bonus’, it is about preselected videos, it does not work with all videos must have this tag to generate payment.

Regarding payment by ‘invitation’, TikTok also has this option. You can get to pay between 0.10 and 1.5 UDS per guest, and up to 5 USD if the same is a user of the platform. In turn, for every 100,000 views of your videos, TikTok can pay you 3 USD.

Our first clarification is that this information does not apply to all countries. You should check the ‘terms and conditions’ that apply in your country.

What kind of withdrawals can be made with Kwai and TikTok?

Now, once you are generating income, in TikTok and/or Kwai, you may be wondering how to withdraw the money you have earned. Here are three alternatives so that you can do it without any problem

  • Interbank account number
  • Enter your bank account number.
  • Search and select the option ‘bank account’.
  • There you can enter the money you wish to withdraw.
  • Phone recharges
  • Go to the TikTok application from your cell phone.
  • Enter your profile, then go to ‘settings’.
  • Once there, click on ‘balance’ and then ‘recharge’.
  • You must choose the pack of coins and in this way it becomes the balance you want to charge.
  • Confirm the payment in Google Play.
  • And once the payment is confirmed, the pack is added to your wallet and you can use them whenever you want.

In the case of Kwai is very similar, you will have to exchange your bonus kwai and exchange them for the ‘balance’ option, the next thing is to put your phone number and recharge.