The Sandbox (SAND): What is it and How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

The Sandbox, with SAND token, is a new cryptocurrency linked to a gaming and virtual reality project, which allows you to earn tokens in an innovative way. So let’s find out what it is, how the project is developed and how it works.

What is The Sandbox

Unlike many other digital currencies, The Sandbox is a cryptocurrency that was born as a project related to a video game for mobile devices and computers that offers the opportunity to create your own alter ego and create a personalized universe using the various resources of the game. The project was born as an alternative tool to the classic cryptocurrencies, since basically you can earn virtual coins by taking part in game sessions, evolving your universe and selling and buying items built on the game itself. The blockchain linked to the project also tends to be particularly solid and fast, allowing you to send and receive virtual coins quickly.

The Project

The Sandbox project was born back in 2011 when the CEO of the company Pixowl, developer of the game decided to create a title completely inspired by Minecraft. This game provides players with a whole range of resources that can be exploited without any particular limitations and the same goes for the creativity factor, thus offering the opportunity to give life to a parallel universe totally imagined by the user.

In addition to this aspect, it is necessary to specify how the different hours of activity spent in the game allow the user to monetize the efforts made up to that moment. Thanks to the objectives that are added periodically, it is therefore possible to transform a simple game into a real paid activity in real time, with cryptocurrencies that are credited directly to the account associated with the title itself.

Moreover, it is necessary to point out how, in 2018, this game has also landed on Steam, thus made available for various fixed operating systems as well, an important detail to consider and that, in fact, has increased the fame found by this title that, initially, saw its base in mobile devices.

How does The Sandbox work

This particular game puts users in the condition of developing their own universe starting from the natural resources present in the game. For example, water and wood allow you to cultivate different plants and to create simple houses that can be sold on the market or used by the player as a means of virtual income.

As time goes by and the missions progress, the player who invests time and virtual resources in the title will not only have access to many types of extra items, which will allow him to guarantee a constant resource and a rapid evolution of the game, but, at the same time, it is possible to notice how the player’s virtual wealth is increased.

Besides, thanks to the different activities, it is possible to obtain SAND tokens, which can be used both in the game and in different activities, thus obtaining a real profit that can be invested and made profitable.

Benefits and Risks

The Sandbox, which can also be purchased as a cryptocurrency at exchange sites like Binance, allows players to have a resource that can be exploited in many areas. Here then that to earn this coin does not necessarily need to use a real currency, although this is the least complicated solution to exploit. Always thanks to the game and the exchange with other users, you’ll be able to receive virtual coins. The project is also constantly evolving and this is a detail in favor of The Sandbox, which can then be characterized as a very promising asset, although not without risk.

Forecasts for the future

The forecasts for the future regarding the SAND token and for The Sandbox project that revolves around this game are quite positive. This is due to the fact that more and more users are starting to play on the platform and get tokens. Therefore, this is a cryptocurrency that is in some ways different from the classic ones, which is linked to an interactive virtual game that stimulates creativity and allows you to earn real tokens in an absolutely innovative way.

How to buy SAND

The Sandbox, the cryptocurrency born from a virtual game and booming, can now be bought directly on eToro. In order to buy the SAND token, one must first register with the well-known broker. Registration on eToro is completely free and there are no management costs, ticket or investment. Only withdrawals are subject to low fees and there are no settlement fees.

Among the various online trading platforms, eToro is undoubtedly one of the best brokers: easy to use, secure, accessible from any device and multi-asset. In fact, the platform offers traders and investors the opportunity to access over 2,000 different financial assets including stocks, indices, commodities, EFTs, etc.

In order to create an account it is sufficient to access the official website of eToro and enter a series of data such as name, surname, your email address and password that will be used to access the account. To complete the procedure you must click on Create Account and wait for the email with the activation confirmation link.

Once the registration procedure is completed, it is necessary to deposit money. The minimum deposit, and can be made in different ways: credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, Skrill and Neteller. Once you have chosen the method of deposit, just click on Send and wait for the time when the money will be credited to your eToro account. The times are different and depend on the mode of payment chosen. With PayPal and credit card waiting times are reduced to a minimum while with bank transfer will have to wait a little more before becoming operational on the platform. 

Open the eToro account and make the deposit you can proceed to the purchase of the SAND token. Just click on Markets and select Crypto to be in front of all the cryptocurrencies present in the broker. At this point all you have to do is select the SAND cryptocurrency and click on Buy, following the guided procedure.

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