How to Buy Tezos (XTZ): Guide, Platforms and Commissions

Find out how to buy Tezos. Tezos is a cryptocurrency whose operation is based on the Proof of Stake consensus method. In fact, it is not a traditional cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, but it is a blockchain system in which the token (so-called Tez) operates. This network provides support for various activities such as the development of decentralized apps or the verification of Smart Contracts. A peculiarity of this cryptocurrency is the adoption of the Governance on-chain system, in which every user can propose and vote in favor of novelties presented on the blockchain network (a real democratic system). So let’s find out how to buy Tezos (XTZ).

Why buy Tezos

The prospects of this digital currency are positive and interesting in the eyes of many investors. In the coming years, the value of this crypto could even multiply. Indeed, the success or failure will depend on intrinsic factors of the blockchain network, i.e. the tightness of the democratic system called governance on chain, as well as factors such as the recognition of these currencies in the real economic market. Moreover, to buy Tezos means to believe in the original project of the company, that is to adopt a policy of sharing choices and decisions of every origin with all the users of the network, in order to decentralize every decision taken. The users who decide to buy Tezos XTZ are always increasing. Its blockchain is, in fact, the most quoted at the moment. 

Where to buy Tezos

Among the possible methods to buy XTZ we find the online broker eToro. This online broker is regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC certification). In England it has been certified by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). eToro is currently the platform par excellence where to evaluate your purchases in cryptocurrencies, considering the seriousness, reliability and professionalism of the system. The platform adopts a system of security and safeguard of the users very guaranteed. In fact, the assets and funds of individual traders are kept on separate funds from the Company’s, so that any failure cannot affect the accounts of users. This system is subject to constant internal and external verification and control. Finally, the personal data of each user are treated in accordance with the directives and regulations in force regarding the protection of personal data.

How to Open a Free Account on eToro

Signing up on the platform takes only 5-10 minutes. First, you must open the official eToro website. Once logged in, you must click on the Start Investing or Register. At this point, you must fill out the registration form, entering personal data and generalities and creating a username and password. In order to proceed, acceptance of the conditions of use of data and of the company policy is required. Finally, by clicking on Create an account we will have completed the registration. The account has been opened. 

Functionality and Features of the Platform: How it Works

After completing the registration you can start using the platform. Opening the site, a message will appear at the top asking you to complete the registration by making an initial deposit of at least 50 euros. Actually, the initial advice is to take advantage of the Demo account of 100,000 dummy dollars before making a deposit of money. In fact, eToro Demo can be used even without the first deposit. After you have practiced investing, you need to complete your registration. Until, in fact, you define the registration the account is limited to the maximum capital of 2000 euros. For the final verification of the account it will be necessary to answer the CYSEC questions. After these last steps you can start buying cryptocurrencies and other assets, making your first deposit. The minimum limit set by the platform is 50 euros.

How to Buy XTZ on eToro

As explained above, Tezos is a great cryptocurrency to start trading in the financial markets, given the reliability, security and democratic nature of the blockchain network. A first way to acquire Tezos is to mine, that is, to extract new XTZ cryptocurrencies through the blockchain verification and validation system accomplished with powerful mathematical calculation processors.

Finally, the easiest way to buy XTZ through eToro, is to buy the coin directly waiting for the most opportune future moment to resell it profiting on the price difference. To top up the account there are several solutions. A first payment method, most used by users, is the transfer of funds by credit card. Another safe and reliable method is PayPal. A more professional way is bank transfer, but it must be said that the transaction time in this case increases, about 3-5 working days. Finally, the online trading platform allows users to make deposits and withdrawals via Skrill and Neteller. To buy Tezos, it will be enough to type the name of the desired cryptocurrency and follow the on-screen directions to proceed with the purchase.

Costs and Commissions

As anticipated, registration to the eToro platform is totally free. In addition, there are no commissions on the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies and management operations. Like all online platforms, eToro also charges a commission on withdrawals, which is equal to $5. Since eToro uses the dollar as its primary currency, currency conversion should be considered for deposits and withdrawals, which incurs a fee. 

Final Considerations

The proposed guide has analyzed various points of Tezos (XTZ) cryptocurrency trading. It has seen how this currency works, how and where you can buy it. Finally, a few paragraphs were dedicated to the purchase of Tezos on eToro, the best online broker, safe and regulated. The cryptocurrency in commentary is very promising, many analysts are optimistic about the future of Tezos. However, since this asset suffers a lot from market fluctuations, it is better, as said, to carefully analyze how to proceed.

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