Axie Infinity: What is it and How Does the Cryptocurrency Work?

Find out about Axie Infinity. The advent of the metaverse has brought with it important innovations in the world of gaming and cryptocurrencies. Below we will discover a play to earn game how Axie Infinity can allow you to accumulate cryptocurrencies listed on the most popular trading platforms, how to buy the token and predictions for the future.

What is Axie Infinity and How it works

Axie Infinity is a token-related game created by Trung Nguyen, currently CEO of Sky Mavis, a very influential company in Vietnam that develops apps and programs in the game world. The first release is dated in March 2018 and is created on the Ethereum blockchain base.

The idea of the founder wants, in an educational way, to raise awareness of the potential of the new blockchain technologies, giving the user the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency while playing on the platform, or for investors, buy this currency on the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges.

Play, Fun and Earn

The game is a play to earn, meaning the more you play the more you can earn. In the video game you will have to breed and grow your own digital animals, called Axies, which will allow you to live adventures or fight in multi players through a combat arena.

To start playing in this fantastic world you will need a starter kit game, which you can get by buying it or, if your friend is already in the game, have him provide it to you. Initially you start with 3 Axies, pets to raise and grow through very fun adventures. In addition, after starting the game, you can buy new Axies in the market place directly on the platform.

SLP and AXS tokens

The game, inspired by the famous Pokemon, will allow you to earn tokens through adventures, challenges in the arena or through the sale of your Axies in the marketplace.

One of these tokens is called SLP, which stands for small love potion. The SLP coin is used in the game, both as a reward and as a real virtual currency, exchangeable for cash dollars. In addition, the small lave potion will be used to grow, in your virtual kingdom, your axeies, bringing them higher and higher in their skills. Remember that before starting challenges in the arena, you will have to reach the expert level in the game. 

The second token present on the platform is AXS, which stands for Axie infinity Share, this cryptocurrency is the digital currency at the base of the project. This currency can be purchased and exchanged on major trading platforms. Among these bookmakers we find one of the most famous in the world, eToro, the platform that has millions of investors around the world.

Future Projects and Growth Prospects

The Axie Infinity world, as the name itself indicates, is a business with endless possibilities for development, in fact, today the gaming and cryptocurrency sector is in constant ferment and growth. Thanks to the values that have reached some cryptocurrencies and the pandemic that has forced millions of people locked in their homes, has created excellent prospects for innovative platforms such as Axie Infinity. In addition, the ease of use of the service and the ease of buying and exchanging crypto coins makes this sector interesting, both for those who want to invest in the market and for those who work in the development of this world.

The project also winks at growth and innovation. In fact, new activities and smart contracts are being designed for this platform, in the form of apps and software.

Another factor not to be underestimated is the world economy. In fact, in some developing countries, playing and earning tokens can potentially generate an economic income sometimes higher than a normal working activity. In addition to all this, the project enters perfectly into the world of the metaverse, the digital future. 

Benefits, Risks and Future Expectations

Axie infinity provides interesting earning possibilities, but not all that glitters is gold, in fact there are also risks related to cryptocurrencies. We know well that many governments do not look favorably on cryptocurrencies since they evade central bank controls. Today, on the other hand, many states are starting to recognize them as real official currencies, for example, take San Salvador that has made Bitcoin a regularly supported currency in its economy.

If we go to analyze the trend of Axie Infinity (AXS) and its potential, we see an interesting possibility of growth. However, its growth is linked to the public interest in the metaverse and the presence of NFT. According to analysts, the market should be rosy, so it could be an interesting investment for the next few years, although not without risk.