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Since I’ve been spending quite a bit of time at the movies lately, that also means I’ve been seeing lots of trailers. When we’re not seeing a lot of movies, I miss seeing all the stuff that’s coming up, although sometimes that can be a blessing as well. I can’t tell you how tired I got of seeing numerous trailers for “The Eye” and “The Ruins”.

But with the summer movie season about to kick in, there are quite a number of movies coming up in the next multiple months that I’m interested in seeing. Here’s a rundown of them.

I first saw the theatre standee for “Made of Honor”, which is being released May 2, and it didn’t do anything for me, but as I’ve been seeing the trailers, it looks funny. Yeah, it looks to be pretty predictable with standard romantic comedy overtones, but I like the physical comedy I’ve seen in the previews. Here’s the link to the trailer.

When I first saw the trailer for “Iron Man”, which is being released May 2, I was very surprised to see Robert Downey, Jr. in the lead role. I guess everyone is doing these kinds of films nowadays. It looks like it’ll be interesting, though. Here’s the link to the trailer.

I remember watching and loving “Speed Racer” as a child, and even though I really can’t tell you much about what I watched (other than that whenever I’ve been stuck at a train crossing, I’ve always wished I had his car so that I could jump over everything and be on my way), I’m interested in seeing the live-action feature film version, which is being released May 9. I’m not crazy about the Matrix-like funky special effects, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Here’s the link to the trailer.

I enjoyed “The Chronicles of Narnia”, so I’m interested in seeing “Prince Caspian”, which is being released May 16. I’ve never read the books and haven’t yet decided whether I want to attempt them. I’ve got too much stuff in the queue as it is, so it’s not like I’m looking for things to read, but it’s something I might consider in the future. I might have to watch the first film again to orient myself before seeing this one. Here’s the link to the trailer.

You would pretty much have to be living under a rock to not know that the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series is being released May 22. I’ll be spending the majority of May trying really hard to avoid spoilers, especially once the film premieres at Cannes. I’m looking forward to seeing the film – the trailer looks great, I’m excited that Marion (Karen Allen) is back, and I’m interested in seeing how Shia LeBeouf does in the film. Here’s the link to the trailer.

I hadn’t heard until recently that they were making yet another version of “The Incredible Hulk”, which is being released June 13. The last version didn’t interest me enough to actually see it, especially with the horrid special effects, so I was pretty ho-hum about this version – until I saw the trailer. It looks pretty good, and I find it interesting that Edward Norton is playing Bruce Banner. With the cast also including Liv Tyler, William Hurt and Robert Downey, Jr., I’m looking forward to seeing how this version pans out. Here’s the link to the trailer.

I’ve already talked about being excited to see “Wall-E”, which is being released June 27. We’re planning on getting tickets for opening night at the El Capitan as soon as they go on sale. (You don’t really need me to link to the trailers, do you?)

It’ll be a two-movie weekend since I’m also interested in seeing “Wanted”, which is also being released June 27. I’m not a particular fan of Angelina Jolie, but the trailer looks awesome, and Morgan Freeman is in it, so how could you go wrong? Here’s the link to the trailer.

I recently saw the trailer for “Hellboy II”, which is being released July 11, and it looks kind of interesting. I’ve never seen the first film, and watching this trailer made me think about a city full of the inhabitants of Tatooine’s cantina. The husband wants to see the film, and he’s recommending that I watch the first film so that I can understand this one better. Here’s the link to the trailer.

The second installment of the new Batman series, “The Dark Knight”, is being released July 18. I was looking forward to seeing the film anyway as I love this particular incarnation of the story (I was not a fan of Batman being played by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer or George Clooney though admittedly, I didn’t see the last couple movies in the series.), but it’ll be sad to see Heath Ledger’s last role, in which he supposedly does an amazing job. Here’s the link to the trailer.

The movie I’m most excited to see, “Mamma Mia”, is also being released July 18. It’s going to be a bit of a schizophrenic weekend at the movies. (You don’t need me to link to this trailer either, do you?)

I had heard nothing about “Tropic Thunder”, which is being released August 15, and as I watched the trailer, it wasn’t really the kind of movie I’d normally be interested in – except for one element. The apparently-very-busy Robert Downey, Jr. is in this film, playing a critically-acclaimed Australian actor who undergoes a controversial medical procedure so that he can play an African-American character in the movie-within-a-movie. The trailer footage of him looks incredible, so I think I’m going to have to see this movie just for him alone. Here’s the link to the trailer.

Another movie that I’d known nothing about is “Hamlet 2”, which is being released August 22. But we saw the trailer recently, and we were laughing so hard that it’s one of the movies I’m looking forward to seeing the most. It’s just completely irreverent, and the show-within-the-movie just looks outrageous. Here’s the link to the trailer.

I’d heard that they were doing a remake of “The Women”, which is being released October 10. I’d seen the original film as well as read the original play and enjoyed them both. The casting of this new version is pretty interesting, so I’m interested to see how it comes out. There’s apparently no trailer available yet.

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