Why can’t I install Zoom on my Windows 10 PC? – Possible reasons

In times of pandemic and isolation some of the previously not widely used video conferencing applications like Zoom became very relevant in the world. It was no longer just a matter of scheduling meetings for work or specific communication or marketing teams, but now people needed to communicate.

Keeping in touch from a distance became essential. Different areas, such as education, had to adjust and provide their students with a videoconferencing platform.

Another area was the homes or apartments themselves, which became home, work, school and the space to communicate with those closest to us, from family members to neighbors. One thing we learned from this pandemic is the need for communication that we human beings have.

Undoubtedly, one of the most downloaded applications was the Zoom videoconferencing platform. It is a videoconferencing service through the cloud, which brings people together virtually, either by audio and video. It also has options such as: meeting recordings to watch them again, private or public chats in parallel, screen sharing, activation of subtitles, among others.

It is a virtual platform that provides great resources and is very easy to use. It also has different payment plans and one free plan. Although the paid plans offer more options and tools, the free plan has its benefits and if you use it regularly for work meetings with several people, study or hobbies with friends, there is no need for another plan.

The truth is that Zoom also received some criticism, and among them is not being able to access the Zoom installation in a Chromebook on the PC in Windows 10.

If you have tried to install this service on your PC, which has Windows 10 and you have not managed to do so, today we will tell you the possible reasons why it does not appear in your store, how to fix this problem and finally, how to reset Microsoft Store.

What are the possible reasons for Zoom not appearing in the app store?

The reasons why Zoom does not appear in your store can be multiple, in the case of having Windows 10, the problem is that the Windows 10 update allows you to prevent certain applications from running or installing, and in this sense Zoom is one of the applications that is not included in the Windows Store.

Availability of existing applications

It is likely that your PC has available only existing and default applications, these are those that were already installed on your PC, and those that Windows 10 now offers you, And Zoom is not among these.

Locks and authorizations to use certain applications

One of the options offered by Windows 10 is the ability to block and / or disable applications. In this sense, you can change the settings and for this you must perform the following steps:

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Go to the Settings icon and click on it, then click on ‘applications’.
  • In this box you should select ‘Warn me before installing apps from outside the store’, which translates to ‘warn me before installing apps from outside the store’. Or you can select allow apps from anywhere, which means allow apps from anywhere.
  • Finally check if you can now install Zoom.

Compatibility of the applications with the device

Many of the applications that we want to install are prior to the release of Windows 10, at least most of them are. That is why some applications or programs can not be downloaded, run, or have many failures in its operation. For this you should try the troubleshooter and check the compatibility, you can do it in the following way:

  • In the search engine you can type the name of the application, in this case ‘Zoom’ Select the application by holding down, and then choose ‘open file location’.
  • Left-click on the application file, select ‘Properties’ and then click on the ‘compatibility’ tab.
  • Finally, click on ‘fix problem’.
  • And follow the process.

How to fix the problem of not being able to install Zoom in Windows 10?

Windows 10 brings a lot of inconvenience when it comes to downloading and installing Zoom on it, but don’t worry, that here I will help you to fix any problem or bug regarding this. Zoom problem in Windows 10 has solution and you can do it from outside the store, the steps are as follows:

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