How to share your YouTube channel on Facebook | Get more subscribers

Learn how to share your YouTube channel on Facebook. If you are a lover of the YouTube platform and you are a creator of good content, you will want to find out how to get more subscribers and thus be able to share your videos with more people.

To achieve greater reach on the largest and most visited streaming platform in the world you can take and share your videos through Facebook, as this social network is very visited and used today. To do this read on to find out how to do it

What is the process to share a YouTube channel on Facebook according to your device?

For your videos to get more views by sharing your content with other people, you can start by advertising through your Facebook page to get more impact on your future subscribers. Whenever you make an ad or post a photo on your Facebook account, copy the address of your YouTube channel.

By sharing photos, videos or statuses on your Facebook and having your channel’s address in the description you will get the attention people need to enter and watch your content on the streaming platform. You can do this either from your computer or from your cell phone.

From your PC

The YouTube platform gives you the option to share the video you want by clicking on share, here it will show you where you would like to share the video, just choose Facebook and it will be shared.

Another way for people to see your channel and what you do, is directly copying the URL of your YouTube home page by going to the profile tab, then you will have to paste the address where you are advertising.

A very good tip for you is that if you copy the link from the main page of your YouTube account and add to that address sub_confirmation=1 it provides that people who enter your channel with the link, they will see the message if they want to subscribe to the channel. It’s a good idea in case you want more subscribers.

On Android

In case you want to work on advertising your channel by sharing your content and image on your Android device. You can press the share icon on your videos and select one of the social networks where you can let the community know what you do.

If you don’t know, you can customize your YouTube channel to catch the attention of the future subscribers you will have. By using a Banner, you will get the attention of the public showing in this way your projects and what you do, the more eye-catching it is, the more attention you will get.

iPhone and iPad

In case you are using iPad or iPhone to do your advertising work to make yourself known, it is not difficult at all because you can follow the steps explained above to do it. You can also hit the ‘More’ option of the three dots to share your own channel.

We suggest you to have knowledge of how to create thumbnails for your videos, since this point is the one that attracts the attention of subscribers, the better the video thumbnail is, the more people will watch your channel.

How to embed a YouTube channel on your Facebook page using ‘YouTube Tab’?

YouTube has had a lot of fame being the most visited video site in the year and where many of the Youtubers who do Streaming became famous and have inspired many people to make a living making content to earn money.

We have seen how these content creators have their social networks added to their YouTube account and if you want to get your Facebook account on this app add list you will have to employ YouTube Tab for that.

We can get through Facebook the YouTube Tab page, this Facebook social network application will help us to share and show the videos of your channel inside a Fan Page. In the search engine put YouTube Tab and then click on use app to install it and then click on add page to put personal data of your channel.

With this you will have more interaction with your subscribers making playlists of your best videos. In addition, you will be able to get more users to follow you over time and share your videos on the Facebook platform.

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