7 Solutions To Zoom Chat Interruptions Problem On Windows 10

We also know that a Zoom program is one of the most used programs in the video calling market, and it is a fierce competitor to my Microsoft Teams & Google Meet service. Zoom is the preferred choice of many users, and it is used by many institutions, businesses, and other organizations to conduct remote meetings and discussions of all kinds. However, you may encounter frequent interruptions of the Zoom chat interruptions program On the computer, especially in Windows 10, where some users of the system complained about the fact that Lag recently got this program. Let’s learn about the most important solutions to this problem below.

Solve the problem of interruptions on Zoom in Windows 10

Apply the solutions below in order, until you find the cause of the problem and solve it, of course.

Use a fast Internet connection

We also know that operations such as video calls require a fairly fast Internet, and video calls cannot be made flawlessly on a slow Internet. Of course, if you use slow Internet, you may encounter interruptions in the calls, either in terms of picture or sound. Therefore, in order to have a seamless and high-quality Zoom experience, use the fast Internet. Do an Internet speed test operation you have and check that it is not lower than 10 Mbps.

We find that many routers are available in two bands, the first is 2.4 GHz and the second is 5.0 GHz, you need to connect to the 5.0 GHz band to get better Internet speed.

Mute the microphone when you are not talking

When you make long calls, I recommend that you turn off the microphone when you are not talking, this will improve the picture quality as it no longer uses the amount of internet for the microphone. It also results in no noise from your side during the conversation. We seem to be thrifty, but it works. You should know that you can do the opposite as well, i.e. disable the image and enable only the microphone, this will provide high bandwidth for your connection, in other words, it will ping quite low.

To enable and disable the microphone on a Zoom program-just click on the microphone button, or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D can be used.

Disable Zoom wallpapers

We also know that a Zoom program allows you to choose from many cells in order to hide that messy room behind you or whatever, in addition to the possibility of setting a custom image as a background during the video call so that only you appear, and behind you appears the image or background that you define, thanks to the artificial intelligence technology that is based on it On the program.

Of course, while using artificial intelligence technology to identify you and put the background in its appropriate position even when you move from home, here it is necessary to consume more Internet. When you choose a background, Zoom, warns you of poor quality video and you may have interruptions in the image and sound.

Therefore, in this solution, we recommend you to disable the wallpaper, which you can do by going to Settings “Settings”, Then click on Backgrounds & Filters “Background & Filters”, then select an option None in the following window.

Uninstall applications installed on the Zoom program

As we know Zoom It allows its users to install applications on the program for additional functions. Applications such as Evernote and Slack and others in order to use it during the conversation without leaving the Zoom program.

If you have installed third-party apps on the Zoom I noticed a delay in the response of the Zoom service during the conversation, it is time to uninstall these apps in order to enjoy a smooth conversation experience without any interruptions, as these apps also consume the internet speed.

To uninstall applications, follow these instructions:

  • Go to Zoom Web Marketplace.
  • Log in to your account on Zoom.
  • Once logged in, click on a Management option “Manage” located at the top.
  • Head to My Dashboard, then click on the Installed Apps section.
  • Click on the Uninstall button next to the application name to remove it from the Zoom program.

Quit programs running in the background in Windows 10

In case a number of programs are open on Windows 10, it is natural that they consume processor resources and an amount of Internet, which negatively affects the experience of using a Zoom program. Therefore, I advise you to quit all programs on Windows 10 during Zoom discussions. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Right-click on the taskbar in Windows 10.
  • In the menu that appeared, select a Task Manager option “Task Manager” a window will open that includes a list of all programs currently running on your computer.
  • If you notice excessive CPU usage by a program, click on the program name and then select an End task option located on the bottom side.

Stop downloading or uploading files

Make sure that you do not download any type of file while using the Zoom program, and the same goes for downloading files. Such actions require a strong Internet connection and will have a negative impact on the Internet chat experience. Zoom If you do both at the same time.

Stop any downloads you are doing, and the same goes for downloading files. Make sure you do this on other devices connected to your Wi-Fi network as well because if someone connected to your network is doing this type of action, it will take up a large amount of Internet bandwidth and therefore leave you with an unsatisfactory experience. to the Zoom program On your computer.

Zoom software update

In case the above solutions do not work, there is no doubt that the problem is due to a problem with Zoom. Fortunately, the company releases updates from time to time to correct any errors and improve the experience of using the program.

Click on your profile icon at the top, and then select a Check for updates option.

Is the lag problem solved in Zoom?

Zoom is a good choice for meetings, conferences, and remote studies, but when there is a lag in response and frequent interruptions in the video, it causes intense anger and frustration. A common reason for this problem is lack of fast internet or a computer with a weak processor and screen card. Share your opinion in the comments about the solution that worked for you?