How To Save Photos From Google Photos To Computer

See how to save photos from Google Photos to your computer and free up some space on your Google account.

Maybe you’ve already seen that warning from Google that you are reaching the limit of 15Gb of storage, so if you do not want to pay, we tell you how to save photos from Google Photos on your computer and thus free up some space. And is that, once you have exceeded that limit, the storage of your account will no longer be free, and you will have to either pay these prices, or delete files to have more free space.

How To Save Google Photos On Your Computer

To find out how to save photos from Google Photos on your computer it is best, of course, is that you access Google Photos from your computer, rather than from the app. To do this, you can either go directly to the web, or access from your Gmail account.

  • Once in the Gmail account, you have to access the Google applications menu.
  • It is the little square that appears in the image; when you click on it, a drop-down menu will open with Drive, Calendar and Photos among others. Click on Photos.
  • Once inside, all your photos saved in Google Photos will appear, you can select one by one, or by days, all the ones you want to download.
  • Once selected, click on the menu of the three dots that will appear at the top right, and in the drop-down that opens, click on “Download”.
  • If you click on it, the images you have selected will be downloaded, and you will be able to locate them in the “Downloads” folder of your computer.

How To Transfer Photos From Google Photos To An External Hard Drive

Once you have those photos in the downloads on your computer, you can choose where to save them, or also how to move the photos from Google Photos to an external hard drive. If you want to save them on your computer, create a folder and just drag the download images to it.

If you want them to be on an external hard drive, instead of cutting and pasting, or dragging, to a folder on your computer, do it to a folder on an external hard drive, as you would do with any other document. This way, you will not only save storage space in your Google account, but also on your PC.

How To Download All Photos From Google Photos

If you do not want to go looking at which photos to download one by one, we tell you how to download all the photos from Google Photos and thus have a copy with all of them. To do this, you will have to go to an external Google website, you can not do it directly from the photo application.

The website in question is and you will see that there are several tabs to download your content from different Google services. To download your photos from Google Photos you will have to uncheck the rest of the tabs, or click on the “Uncheck all” option, and check only the Google Photos tab. Now all you have to do is click on “All photo albums included”, click “OK” and choose a location for your files. And that’s it!

Once downloaded to your computer, decide whether to leave them there or move them to an external hard drive, as explained above.

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