Best Forex Robots: How They Work and Which One to Choose


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FTSE 100 Index: What it is, Quotation and Components


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Best Forex Trading Platforms | ( Updated 2024 )


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How to Buy Stocks Online: Secrets for Investing Autonomously


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Euro STOXX 50 Index: What it is, Components and Quotation


The Euro STOXX 50 Index is a stock index composed of 50 stocks from 8 countries from the Eurozone, and represents the flows and trends of the largest capitalization companies in the EU area. Index Composition: Which Companies it Includes Founded in 1998 by STOXX Limited, a joint venture created just one year earlier by … Read more

IBEX 35 Index: What is it, History, Components and Forecasts


The IBEX 35 Index is an index that summarizes the performance of the 35 largest companies listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange. Created in 1992, today it is considered the main thermometer for evaluating the economic and financial health of Spain. Let’s find out in detail what the characteristics of the IBEX 35 index are, … Read more

Hang Seng Index: Quotation, Graph and Future Forecasts


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How to Play Stock Market at Home: Online Solutions


Thanks to the development of the internet, in recent years the stock market exchange has become increasingly digital and it is now possible to play the stock market from home. All you need, in fact, is a computer (or tablet or smartphone) and an account with one of the many existing online brokers. Obviously, it … Read more

Real Estate Crowdfunding: What it is, How it Works and Risks


Find out about real estate crowdfunding. The Real Estate Crowfunding is a phenomenon that has spread in Italy only in recent times, mainly due to regulatory constraints that limit its scope compared to the North American matrix of the Jumpstart Our Business Start-up Act of 2012. Let’s find out what it is, how it works … Read more