What are the 5 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools that will Work in 2024?

Finding free plagiarism checker tools is like fishing in a river full of pikes – it’s easy to get bitten. And not all services will prove to be as reliable as you need. Therefore, if you are looking for an unbiased list of the (five) 5 free plagiarism checker tools that will work in 2022, we have got your back.

Here, we will review the best free plagiarism checkers suitable for different writing industries. So, if you are up for this challenge, let’s get started.

List of the (Five) 5 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools that will work in 2022:



The first free plagiarism checker on this list is “Plagium. Plagium is a simple and easy-to-use plagiarism detector that offers different levels of searches:

  • Quick Search – this search level is ideal for those who want to check plagiarism occasionally. Hence, you cannot upload the document file in this search mechanism. But you can paste the copied text to check its authenticity.
  • Deep Search – as the name depicts, this searching level is a more advanced searching mechanism. So, it offers some advanced features, like uploading the document file. But these advanced features come at $0.08 per page. 

Plagium is a freemium tool, which means you can check the plagiarism of 1000 characters (140-250 words). The company has designed this tool in a way that it will scan the URLs and text in the content.

Now, let’s see the benefits and drawbacks of using this tool.

Benefits of Choosing Plagium:

  • If you use Google Docs for content writing, this plagiarism checker would be ideal for you because it easily integrates with Google Docs. So, you can check the plagiarism on Google Docs while writing.
  • Plagium has a ‘File Search’ module that compares two documents and uses visualizations to highlight the differences between the compared documents.
  • As mentioned earlier, this tool works based on credits. So, you can ask for a refund of credits in the first ten days of purchase.

Drawbacks of Selecting Plagium:

  • This tool works by offering credits to its users. So, it is not entirely free for those who regularly check plagiarism in bulk.
  • Its pricing mechanism is a bit odd because it charges according to the characters instead of words.
  • There is no option for uploading the document file in the ‘Quick Search’ mode.



The second free plagiarism checker on this list is the best free plagiarism checker for students. Its name is “Plagiarisma.

The company has designed this plagiarism checker for students and academicians because it can handle multiple documents. Moreover, there is no word limit on this tool. So, you can check lengthy documents on this tool as well.

Apart from plagiarism checking, this tool can even solve the grammatical errors in the uploaded content. However, this feature is only available for premium members.

Speaking of premium members, they can even compare the documents and rewrite the sentences with synonyms-replacement to make the content unique from plagiarism.

Now, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of using Plagiarisma.

Advantages of Using Plagiarisma:

  • This plagiarism checker supports scanning documents in 190 languages. So, it is ideal for students who belong to non-English speaking countries.
  • You can either upload the document file or paste the copied text to check its uniqueness.
  • You can upload EPUB, FB2, MS Word, ODT, PDF, PPTX, RTF, TXT and XLS file formats in Plagiarisma. So, it supports an extensive list of file formats.
  • Although this tool is not entirely free, you can claim a refund in under three days of premium plan purchasing.
  • If this tool finds any matches, it provides the URL of the source, which makes it easier to navigate to the source and cite the sources.

Disadvantages of Using Plagiarisma:

  • The free version of Plagiarisma limits the users to perform three plagiarism scans in a day.
  • Unlike most plagiarism detectors, this tool allows the users to choose the search engine for running the plagiarism scan. So, the same paper will have different plagiarism results on Google and Bing. Thus, it would be better if Plagiarisma scans all the sources at once.



The third spot on the (five) 5 free plagiarism checker tools that will work in 2022 list belongs to another freemium tool. Its name is the “Plagiarism Checker from PrePostSEO.

PrePostSEO has developed this plagiarism checker to detect all types of plagiarism. It uses advanced AI and deep search algorithms to check for duplication in the uploaded content. There is no built-in database for this tool. So, it scans for the matches of uploaded content in archived thesis and data on search engines.

As mentioned earlier, it is a freemium tool. So, it allows you to check the plagiarism of 1000-1500 words if you are a visitor or a basic registered user. But if you want to scan more than 1500 words, you will have to purchase its premium plan.

Now, let’s see the positives and negatives of using this tool to understand it better.

Positive Points of Plagiarism Checker from Prepostseo:

  • This tool allows users to check plagiarism in multiple languages. So, users will never face language barrier issues in this tool.
  • It uses a percentage mechanism to indicate the plagiarized and unique content. So, users can navigate to the source of information with one click.
  • If this tool finds any plagiarism, you can use the built-in ‘Paraphrasing Tool‘ of PrePostSEO to remove plagiarism.
  • You can even cite the sources of information in one click with the help of the ‘Citation Generator‘ of PrePostSEO.
  • This plagiarism checker is rich in terms of integration with other platforms. For example, you can use its Chrome extension to check plagiarism while typing content in some online text editor. Similarly, you can use the API of PrePostSEO to implement the plagiarism checker of PrePostSEO on your website/blog.
  • You can download the plagiarism report of this tool in PDF format. This way, it will be easier to share the plagiarism report with your clients.
  • PrePostSEO has an android and iOS application. So, you can download the application on your smartphone to use its services on the go.
  • You can upload the document file directly from cloud storage to the plagiarism checker of PrePostSEO.

Negative Points of Plagiarism Checker from Prepostseo:

  • PrePostSEO thinks that their plagiarism checker works better than Turnitin. But that’s not the case because sometimes, it gives vague plagiarism reports compared to the Scribbr plagiarism checker and Copyleaks plagiarism checker.
  • This plagiarism checker is not entirely free.
  • The 1000-1500 word range is not suitable for people who write lengthy articles and blogs.




The fourth plagiarism checker tool on this list is ideal for checking the uniqueness of website content and essays. Its name is “EduBirdie.

EduBirdie is another freemium plagiarism checker on this list because it allows you to check the uniqueness of 10000 characters (1430-2500 words). If the tool finds any plagiarism, it will include that in a comprehensive plagiarism report. So, it will be easier for users to understand its plagiarism report.

This platform (EduBirdie) is also a writing platform. So, if you want to improve your essay or rewrite your entire paper, you can use the paid services of EduBirdie.

Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of using EduBirdie.

Pros of Using EduBirdie:

  • EduBirdie comes with a powerful grammar checker that instantly corrects the grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.
  • You can use the built-in AI-based paraphrasing tool of EduBirdie to remove plagiarism from your content if it has any.
  • As mentioned earlier, this tool is ideal for checking the originality of essays. So, if your paper has some unnecessary sources, you can filter those out by using this tool.
  • You can convert the plagiarized text into quotes with the help of a built-in citation generator.
  • You can use the readability score predictor of this tool to remove the complex sentences.

Cons of Using EduBirdie:

  • It provides a good range of words for plagiarism detection. But sometimes, its plagiarism report is vague.
  • If you want to take writing help from EduBirdie regarding your paper, you will have to pay a specific amount. So, it is not entirely free.




The fifth and final free plagiarism checker on this list is an entirely free tool. Its name is “Plagiarism Checker from Editpad.org.

Editpad.org uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to look for the matches of uploaded content. Once the tool has found some matches, it will provide the link to the matched sources. So, users can navigate to the source of information with one click. 

Like PrePostSEO’s plagiarism checker, this tool has no built-in database. So, it compares the uploaded content with the content posted on the internet.

Now, let’s see the strengths and weaknesses of this plagiarism checker (from Editpad.org) to understand it better. 

Strengths of Editpad.org’s Plagiarism Checker?

  • You can either copy-paste the text or upload the document file from local device storage to check its plagiarism.
  • If the tool finds any plagiarism, you can use the ‘Paraphrasing’ module of Editpad.org to remove plagiarism.
  • Apart from the paraphrasing module, Editpad.org comes with some other valuable free tools. So, it’s a handy utility.
  • This plagiarism checker is entirely free.
  • Like PrePostSEO’s plagiarism checker, this one also supports multiple languages.

Weaknesses of Editpad.org’s Plagiarism Checker:

  • This plagiarism detector only allows you to scan 1000 words at once. So, it is not suitable for lengthy documents.
  • Captcha is required


Plagiarism is a big problem on the internet and can make you look unprofessional. However, there are several tools to help you check this. If you aren’t aware of them, this article will teach you about the (five) 5 free plagiarism checker tools that will work in 2022.

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