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See how you can add multi-stop route from the Waze app

Waze is one of those mobile applications ideal for traveling and configuring the route you must follow to reach your destination. Today we tell you how to plan a route with several stops in Waze.

While it is true that applications such as Maps or Google Maps can be used to set routes from our cell phone, in recent years Waze has appeared, an app that also facilitates navigation via GPS and is different from the others because it works in the community.

This feature of working in the community is none other than the fact that it is the drivers who use the application who provide information on incidents in real-time or any other traffic-related data.

Thus, Waze is one of the best alternatives to Google Maps, but it does not compete with it because Waze is owned by Google since 2013.

One of the most practical functions that Waze has is the ability to organize routes, but including several stops. Thus, there is no need to reprogram the application every time we have to stop at a restaurant, service area or go to see any monument on the way.

If you do not know how to plan a route with several stops in Waze we explain step by step how you can do it to be much more productive or productive when managing routes in the application.

How to create a route in Waze

How to Create a Route in Waze

The first step before knowing how to plan a route with Multiple Destinations Waze is to learn how to create a normal route without multiple stops.

To do this open the Waze app and in the search box at the bottom where it says “Where are you going?” Specify the endpoint where you want to go. The app will inform you where it will plan the route. If you don’t see this destination box you can swipe on the screen from right to left and it will appear.

If you click on “Routes” you will be able to see other alternative routes to the first one that has been suggested and if any of them suits you, click on it to make it the chosen route. You can also share your route in other apps like WhatsApp or have an overview. To start the route click on “go now”.

How to add more than one stop in Waze

Now that you know how to create a route in Waze let’s learn how to add more than one stop in Waze The first thing we have to do to know how to plan a route with several stops in Waze is to create a normal route telling the app where we want to go. Once we have it done we are going to add stops within that route.

If you have an Android phone, once you have created the normal route, click on the bar that tells you the estimated time of arrival and is located at the bottom of the screen. Then click on “Add stop” to find the place where you are going to make the stop. To see the stops suggested by the app, tap the food or gas station icon on the right side of the screen.

Then tap the location you want to add and click on “Add stop”. Then tap on “Go”. The stop will be registered and displayed with a blue pin.   You can add as many stops as you want by repeating the above steps.

On iOS mobiles, to add stops, you must first create a normal route with a destination point. Then tap the bar that tells you the estimated time of arrival and the directions to go and at the bottom appears “Add stop”.

The app suggests several icons to add parking stops, gas stations, restaurants, or a search magnifying glass. If you want to stop at a place that has nothing to do with these preset locations, click on the magnifying glass and search for the stop address.

Then click on “go now”. The stop will be added to your route. You will see it under “overview” marked with a blue thumbtack. You can add as many stops as you want within your route.

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