How To Know Someone’s Number On Telegram

Find out how to know someone’s number on Telegram. Do you have someone on Telegram but don’t know what their number is? We show you how to know someone’s number on Telegram.

If you’ve talked to someone on Telegram but they haven’t given you their phone number, you may be thinking how to know someone’s number on Telegram. The first thing you should know is that each user can decide whether or not to see their phone number on the popular messaging app. Therefore, if the person you want to know the phone number of has their number hidden, the only way you will have to know it is to ask them directly. However, accessing it if it is visible is something that is quite simple.

To do this, all you have to do is enter the chat conversation you have with that person or, if you do not have any open, look for it through the magnifying glass and pretend you are going to start one. Once you are in the chat, tap on the person’s name that appears at the top. This way you will enter that person’s profile, so you can find all the information that person has made public through Telegram. There you will find the phone number of that person, in case they have it active. If you cannot see it, it is because the user in question has decided not to share it.

How To Know If A Number Is Registered On Telegram

It is possible that what happens to you is just the opposite, that you know the number and do not know if he uses the app. In this case you need to learn how to know if a number is registered on Telegram.

However, the application does not allow you to have access to this information. Until recently we could find an application called TLChecker in which you could enter any phone number and it would inform you whether it was registered on Telegram or not. However, the use of this tool was against Telegram’s terms and conditions of use, so it ended up disappearing. So nowadays the only way to know if a particular person uses the messaging tool or not is to simply ask them.

How To Search For Someone On Telegram By Their Phone Number

If you want to know how to search for someone on Telegram by their phone number, the easiest way to do it is for you to save the number in your address book. If you have your address book synced with the messaging tool, it should automatically appear in your contacts. Therefore, if a person has given you their phone number and you have stored it in your address book, it should appear in the messaging tool with the same name as the one you have stored in your phone’s address book.

Of course, this is not useful for checking if someone in particular is using Telegram. Depending on the way in which that person has configured privacy, it is possible that even if you have their number stored in your address book you will not be able to find them.

Why The Number Is Hidden In Telegram

If you have someone on Telegram but you can’t see their phone number, you’re probably wondering why the number is hidden on Telegram. And it’s as simple as that person wanted it. Unlike other apps like WhatsApp, in Telegram we can create an account with a username, without the phone being directly linked to it. Therefore, those who have that person as a contact will not be able to see the phone number, and will not be able to access it without asking for it directly.

In fact, the ability to hide such personal data as the phone number is one of the reasons why many users prefer to use Telegram rather than WhatsApp, since it allows them to have greater privacy and separate the use of the app from private life.

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