Gadgets To Care For And Monitor Your Pets When You’re Away

Pets are a big responsibility for everyone in the household. It is a life and gadgets as such, everyone must do their part to maintain it. You have to try to take the best possible care of that animal, keep it in the most optimal conditions and always keep an eye on it, even if it seems very independent. For this reason, we are going to give you some gadgets with which you can keep an eye on your pet.

Take good care of your pet when you are not at home

When you have an animal at home, you should also adapt it for its comfort. They should have a place to rest, a place to eat and toys to hang out with whether you are at home or not.

The work of conditioning is the easiest since you only need some devices, the rest is up to you and to achieve it we are going to tell you some gadgets to keep an eye on your pet.

There are many devices that you can use to your advantage to take care of your dog or cat while you are not at home.

Technology is a great tool that, at this point, will show you images of your pet or its location so that you know at all times if it is well and if it has food to spare until you get home.

The best gadgets for pets

As we mentioned, there are many devices on the market to keep an eye on your pet. Some of them have to be worn by the animal itself, while others simply have to fulfill a specific function by placing them in a specific place in the house.

Let’s take a look at the most outstanding ones:


Dogs, especially when they are smaller, are very prone to barking and feeling sad if their master is not around. The wait takes forever for them until the human arrives and walks in the door.

That’s why technology plays such an important role with pet gadgets that you can control from your phone. Furbo is one of them, which is a feeder with a WiFi webcam.

From your mobile you can make a call to your dog to check on him and, best of all, you can give him treats through its built-in launcher, so he’ll be happy until you get back and you’ll be reassured that he’s okay.


Another gadget we recommend to keep an eye on your pets is Whatchmascots. Yes, dogs and cats also have their own “smartwatch” or smart device to keep track thanks to its built-in GPS.

The device will tell you where your furry friend is, something perfect for cats, which joins the perimeter violation warning if they decide to escape.

You’ll receive a notification when this happens, just as you can activate the beeper to look for them if they’re hiding. It is waterproof and can play audio messages when you send them from your cell phone.


This gadget designed for your pet is more oriented to felines and to play with them whether you are indoors or outdoors. The device has a webcam from which you can keep an eye on your little friend.

You can also send him messages whenever you want and see the situation of him and the house, but what stands out above all is the laser pointer it has built in. It is low intensity, but powerful enough to play with your cat in the space where it is placed.


Whistle is an interesting device that can be used with your pet’s collar. It is a device that works very similar to a sports bracelet like the one you can wear on your wrist, but it is adapted to your dog’s collar.

Of course it has a GPS system that will tell you where the animal is, but it will also provide you with health data such as heart rate, respiration or calories burned.

The downside is that to access these functions that have to do with the welfare of your pet you will have to pay a subscription in your application, something you can decide at any time