Gala: What it is and How Gala Cryptocurrency Works

Cryptocurrency Gala Games is a company that deals with the development of video games and blockchain games. The company runs Gala Games Ecosystem, with the aim of changing the minds of all those who think of assets as game objects. So let’s find out what Gala cryptocurrency is and what are its advantages.

What is Gala and how it works

The Gala cryptocurrency was born with the intention of revolutionizing the gaming industry, allowing players to have complete freedom and full control of the game. The goal is to bring the development of creative thinking back into the game.

The Gala Games token is not just a simple single game, rather it offers a whole range of blockchain games, where the focus undoubtedly remains on user enjoyment. The games that are created by Gala Games are classified under the umbrella of social games, in which it is important to make exchanges and build new partnerships between players.

Players have an active role in Gala Games, they use non-fungible tokens (NFT) and can have a certain influence on the governance of the game. Gala Games is based on a Founder’s Nodes voting system. This feature allows players to impact the fate of Gala Games, defining which ones should develop and receive more funding.

Gala Games

Within Gala there are the so-called VOX games. VOX is the set of collectible avatars created by Gala Games, each VOX is unique and some of them are rarer than others. VOX were originally created in connection with Town Stars, but they also have an additional utility: owners can lock GALA and in return earn VOX coins by playing with the avatars in the future. The owners also receive an FBX file, thanks to which it is possible to animate the avatars and print them in the 3D version.

The games available in Gala Games are:

  • Town Star. In this simulation game users are the owners of a city and must administer it; you can play Town Star directly from the browser.
  • Mirandus. In this game users act as knights operating in the same faction. Since all land and objects are classified in NFT, they can be easily sold and bought.
  • Fortified. It’s possible to participate for free and get rewards, the objective pursued within the game is the defense of the tower and, also in this case, lands and soldiers are managed as NFT.
  • Echos of Empire. Development game set in the galaxy, in which players compete with the goal of achieving space supremacy.

Gala Nodes

New games are still being developed, in the creation of the games the feedback of the Gala community is fundamental. Users can register for Gala Nodes and receive GALA, limited NFT and other opportunities in return. Gala Nodes consists of a set of triple proof nodes: the working proof, the betting proof, and the storage proof. 

  • Working proofs are called Founder Nodes, they are top-level nodes based on 50,000 NFTs already fully owned. These will be the first supporters of the network and will get NFT and GALA for all subsequent games that are assigned to their node’s license.
  • Betting trials are nodes that operate only in case of specific games, their use involves some sort of paid rent.
  • Storage trials are free of charge where games can be hosted eliminating dependence on external hosting solutions.

History and Origins of Gala

The new cryptocurrency Gala was created by Eric Schiermeyer. This is a very important figure in the field of game development and invention, Schiermeyer is also the co-producer of Zynga and under his careful guidance games like Farmville, Mafia Wars and Poker were born. In 2019, Schiermeyer’s project of Gala Games starts, with the aim of giving users more freedom in gaming. To date, this reality is managed by 60 employees.

Is it worth buying into Gala?

Gala could be a good option if you are looking for virtual coins that offer profitable returns. However, any prediction for the future of Gala is purely an assumption and, like all investments, the one in Gala should be evaluated carefully. 

An advantage of Gala cryptocurrency is the possibility to be bought on well-known platforms such as Binance, therefore it is characterized by an excellent availability. A further advantage is certainly in terms of player’s freedom, within Gala Games each user enjoys the widest freedom and has a chance to combine fun with passion for cryptocurrencies.

An advantage of the Gala cryptocurrency is the possibility to be purchased on well-known platforms such as Binance, so it is characterized by an excellent availability. A further advantage is certainly in terms of player’s freedom, within Gala Games each user enjoys a very wide freedom and has the possibility to combine fun and passion for cryptocurrencies.

How to Buy Gala on Binance

Buying Gala on Binance is very easy, but first of all you need to be registered on the site and have an account opened within the platform. To open an account on Binance you need to have an email and password, and to use all the features of the exchange, i.e. buy, sell, and hold credit and debit cards, you need to have your identity documents.

Once you have created your account on the official Binance website it is important to take care of securing it in order to avoid future problems, first of all and only as an example, becoming a victim of hackers. Clicking on the Security section, Binance will guide the user step by step in order to carry out this operation.

To purchase Gala on Binance it is necessary, as usual, to deposit money, and it is possible to do it by bank transfer or by using a credit or debit card. In the first case you need to have completed the account verification using your ID documents, and from the Buy crypto menu select the Bank Deposit option. This way you will be redirected directly to the page for proceeding to make the transfer. Commissions for depositing money via bank transfer are 0.8%.

Alternatively, you can buy Gala on Binance via credit or debit card by landing on the same page of the platform just described. Next to the SEPA Transfer option in fact there is the Insert Card option and by entering the required data you will proceed to the direct purchase of the cryptocurrency. The commission in the latter case is higher, and to be precise 1.8%.

The purchase of Gala through the platform is very easy for the completeness of information and options on the site, using a computer or a cell phone. Binance in fact is a constantly evolving platform thanks to which you can have at your fingertips a financial universe parallel to the traditional one, through the use of a fast and functional app.

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Forecasts for the Future

The question we are asking ourselves is: when will Gala reach the 1$ quota? The forecasts for the future are very promising and within a short time we could see a real quantum leap in the value of the coin. Since August 2021 Gala has been trading at the value of $0.02, with the set of interesting games offered by Gala it is possible that this goal will be reached within a few years. 

According to some estimates and detailed studies the forecast of Gala’s price at the end of 2021 could reach 0.507. In 2022, a maximum level of 0.971 is expected while, in 2023, the average trading price assumed should be 1.226, with the possibility of reaching the maximum value of 1.649. Gala, analyzing its possible value in 2030, could reach the maximum valuation of 2,102, with a hypothetical average price of 1,836.

These are obviously predictions made by machine learning processes and are not meant to be investment advice. As well as every investment in cryptocurrencies, Gala also presents risks and before evaluating the investment it is always advisable to make a careful assessment and inform yourself properly.