How To Hide Whatsapp Messages On Locked Screen | Guide

Don’t want the person next to you to be able to keep an eye on your messages? We teach you how to hide WhatsApp messages on locked screen.

There are times when we are with our family or with our friends and do not feel like looking at the mobile. And then you get a message and the content appears on the screen. And two things happen. On the one hand, we get distracted from the conversation and end up more focused on the cell phone than on the situation. On the other hand, whoever is with us ends up looking at our conversation out of the corner of their eye. If you want to prevent this from happening, you must learn how to hide WhatsApp messages on locked screen.

Once you have done this, WhatsApp notifications will continue to arrive normally. But the only thing you will see is an icon that you have a new message. The content of the message will not be seen, so your intimacy and privacy will be much more preserved.

Therefore, you should not be afraid of missing your messages. You will simply have to go inside the application to find out what is written in them.

Why Do Whatsapp Notifications Appear On The Lock Screen?

If you’re wondering why WhatsApp notifications appear on the lock screen, the reality is that it is an option of the platform that aims to streamline the reading process. The idea is that you can see what it says in the message without having to open it. This way, you will know if it is worth unlocking the phone to read it or if it can wait for later.

But, as we mentioned before, this option can cause privacy problems. Therefore, although it is usually enabled as standard, there are many users who prefer to have it disabled. Fortunately, the process is not too complicated. Below we will explain how we can disable the reading of WhatsApp on the lock screen on both Android and iPhone.

How To Remove Whatsapp Messages From The Lock Screen On Android

If you need to know how to remove WhatsApp messages from the lock screen on Android the process is quite simple. But admittedly, it is not something that is too intuitive. The steps you have to follow to remove this option are as follows:

  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • Go to Apps & Notifications>Notifications
  • In the Sensitive Notifications section, slide the button to disable.
  • This way, WhatsApp notifications will still appear on your lock screen. What will not appear is the content of them. In this way, you will continue to be informed of when you have received a message but you will not see the content of the message.

How To Remove Whatsapp Messages On The Lock Screen Of Iphone

If your question is how to remove WhatsApp messages on iPhone lock screen, the reality is that the procedure is very similar. But, being a different operating system, there are some small changes that we must take into account. But the end result will be the same and it is just as easy to perform. The steps you must follow to remove messages from the lock screen are as follows:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Notifications>WhatsApp
  • Slide the menu until the preview options appear.
  • Select the Never option
  • This way we can see that we have a WhatsApp message and who sent it, but we will not be able to know the content until we read the full message.
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