Liquidityx: How it works, Benefits and Security

The advent of online trading and the increasing number of users ready to try their hand at buying and selling financial assets in Liquidityx, has paved the way for the emergence of numerous brokers, i.e. financial intermediaries operating in the field of finance, especially in the purchase, sale and management of stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies and more. One of the most popular online brokers is undoubtedly Liquidityx.

What is Liquidityx

Established in 2021, LiquidityX represents one of the most eye-catching brokers to enter the online trading scene, receiving praise from International Business Magazine LLC and BrokerCheck, with prestigious awards such as Best Education Provider Europe 2021 and Best Forex Education Provider Europe 2021.  

Founded by the Greek company Capital Securities S.A and accredited by the official authorities of HCMC (Hellenic Capital Market Commission) and ESMA (European Security and Markets Autority), LiquidityX stands as a real alternative to the competitors in circulation, distinguishing itself mainly by placing emphasis on the following elements:

  • Transaction security to avoid data theft by hackers and other malicious parties, employing the latest technologies in cybersecurity, such as communication encryption and secure SSL connections;
  • Specific investor training, with training inherent in theoretical and practical concepts, useful for both beginners and investors with a certain seniority;
  • Provision of cutting-edge technical tools, so you can make assessments in a complete, immediate and intuitive way.

Account Types and Operations

The first step to operate on LiquidityX is the creation of an account, a fast, intuitive and completely free process. Through the home page of the official site, it will be sufficient to select the Register option at the top right and fill in the form with the required data (name and surname, e-mail address and cell phone number) and accept the contractual terms and conditions. To prove the seriousness of the platform, you are asked to validate the account by sending an identity document, which is a great deterrent to risks and frauds.

Once the registration process is over, before investing online and enjoying LiquidityX contents, it will be necessary to make a minimum deposit of 250€ with one of the accepted payment methods, such as Visa or MasterCard credit/debit cards, electronic wallets and bank transfers.

What has been done so far allows you to unlock the usability of the basic account, however the broker allows you to access other types of accounts, divided into gold, platinum and VIP, each of which provides increasing advantages, such as more attractive spreads, against a larger money deposit.

Assets Available on the Platform

LiquidityX allows trading over 300 types of financial assets globally, ranging from traditional financial instruments such as indices (FTSE, NASDAQ…), commodities (oil, wheat…) and stocks (Apple, Amazon, Facebook) to the most innovative elements of the last years, such as cryptocurrencies (Bitxoin, Ethereum…) and Forex pairs (USD/EUR, EUR/GPB…).

Features and Functionality

The main elements that make LiquidityX an interesting broker are several.

Free Training Center

Particularly appreciated by newbies in the sector, LiquidityX offers a didactic section with documentation focused on online trading concepts, deepening the technicalities used and providing real ad hoc guides on specific topics, such as technical analysis.

Demo Account

LiquidityX provides a free fictitious demo account of 100.000 virtual euros, useful to get into the mood of online trading and acquire familiarity and financial skills.

Advanced Trading Tools

Two of the most important and proven platforms for online trading are offered, namely WebTrader, with a user-friendly interface particularly suitable for beginners, and MT4, a full suite of features particularly suitable for experts experienced in financial markets.

Costs and Commissions

It is foreseen the total abatement of the expenses for commissions. The only factor to be considered in buying and selling is the spread, i.e. the difference between the buying and selling price of a security, which changes depending on the asset traded and the type of account held.

The basic account allows a single free withdrawal, while for subsequent withdrawals it is necessary to pay a fixed fee of 30€ for transfers and 3.5% for credit/debit card withdrawals. Starting from the gold account there is a free monthly withdrawal, up to the total absence of charges in the VIP account.

Final Considerations: Benefits and Limitations

Although it is relatively young and does not reach the level of detail on certain aspects as other historical competitors, LiquidityX is one of the most attractive new generation brokers around. It combines, in fact, in a single solution, functionalities of great appeal and an accentuated usability, all usable in a regulated environment with high security standards. 

The complete and varied knowledge base inside the site, as well as the useful demo account, allow an easy access to 360° of the concepts that animate the financial markets, resulting in an excellent starting point especially for those who approach the world of online trading for the first time. The only negative aspect is constituted by the withdrawals from the deposit in the basic account, as they hold a higher cost than other brokers.