How to access Twitch | Step by Step Guide

In order to get a chance to interact with your favorite streamers on Twitch, you decided to create a profile on the famous live streaming platform owned by Amazon. Having completed the registration process, you attempted to log in to your new account but failed.

If things are exactly as I’ve described them and you’re still wondering how to access Twitch, let me tell you how to succeed. If you give me a few minutes of your free time, I can show you the detailed procedure to join Twitch both from your computer and from other devices, such as smartphones, tablets and game consoles.

In addition, it will be my job to provide you with the necessary directions to associate your Twitch account with Amazon Prime Gaming, a subscription service that offers additional features over the free Twitch plan. Excuse me? Is that really what you wanted to know? Then let’s not dwell any longer and see how to proceed. Enjoy reading and have fun!

How to access Twitch from PC

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All you have to do to access Twitch is connect to the main page of the famous streaming platform, choose one of the available access modes and enter the data associated with your account.

To proceed, launch the browser you usually use to browse the Internet (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.), connect to the official Twitch website and click on the Sign in button, in the upper right corner. In the new screen that appears, make sure the Sign In tab is selected (if not, you can do it yourself), enter your information in the Username and Password fields and press the Sign In button again, to login.

At this point, if you see the message Verification code for access, it means that you are accessing Twitch from a new device or location. In this case, you need to verify your identity and authorize access.

To do so, access your email inbox, locate the email sent by Twitch and note down the 6-digit code contained within it. Then, enter the code in question in the appropriate field on the Login Verification Code screen of the Twitch website and press the Send button to confirm your identity and access your account.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to sign in to Twitch with your Facebook account, click the Sign in button, select the Connect with Facebook option and, on the newly opened page, press the Continue as [name] button.

What’s that? You don’t have a Twitch account yet? If so, you should know that you don’t need to register in order to watch the live streams available on the famous streaming platform. However, if you want to have the possibility to stream on Twitch or, more simply, follow and support your favorite streamers and interact with the chat during the live shows, you need to create one.

To do so, select the Sign Up tab, enter the required data in the fields User Name, Password, Confirm Password, Date of Birth and Email and click the Sign Up button, to create your Twitch account.

How to access Twitch from smartphones and tablets

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As you may know, Twitch is also available in the form of an app for Android devices (also on alternative stores, for devices without Google services) and iPhone/iPad. Unlike the web version, using the Twitch app also requires an account to access the viewing of any live stream.

To login to Twitch from smartphones and tablets, launch the app of the famous video streaming service and tap on the Sign In button. On the new screen that appears, enter the data associated with your account in the User Name and Password fields and press the Sign In button.

Now, if necessary, access your email inbox, locate the email sent by Twitch and copy the verification code contained within it. After that, launch the Twitch app again, enter the code in question in the appropriate field and tap the Send button to verify your identity and log in to your account.

To create a new account, on the other hand, select the Sign Up option, specify your details in the Email, Username, Password and Date of Birth fields and tap the Sign Up button. Alternatively, by choosing the Use phone number option, you can sign up for Twitch using your mobile number.

How to access Twitch from PS4

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How do you say? Would you like to know how to access Twitch from PS4? If so, after downloading and launching the app in question on your console, you need to authorize access by acting from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

First, go to the main screen of your PS4, go to TV and Video and press the X button on your controller. Then select the All Apps option and press the X button on the pad above the Twitch icon to launch the app in question.

Then, press the Sign In button located at the top left and write down the code displayed on the screen. Once you’ve done that, sign in to your Twitch account from any device compatible with the famous video streaming service and, then, connect to the Activate your device page of the Twitch website.

Then, enter the code displayed on your TV screen in the Enter code field and press the Activate button to connect your Twitch account to your PS4. Simple, right?

How to access Twitch Prime

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Twitch Prime (now renamed to Amazon Prime Gaming) is a subscription service that allows you to take advantage of numerous benefits over the service’s free plan, such as the ability to sign up for one free Twitch affiliate or partner channel per month, receive free rewards and games, and have additional features dedicated to streaming (e.g. saving live streams for up to 60 days instead of 14).

At the time I’m writing this guide, the only way to get Twitch Prime is to activate Amazon Prime, Amazon’s subscription (half price for college students) with a 30-day free trial (90 days for college students) allows you to get free one-day delivery on millions of products on sale on the famous online shopping site and to take advantage of additional benefits, including the ability to access some additional services (such as Prime Gaming). 

That being said, if you’ve already activated a Prime subscription and you’re wondering how to access Twitch with Amazon Prime, connect to the official Prime Gaming website, click on the Sign In button at the top right, make sure that your country of origin shown on the screen is correct and select the Continue option.

On the newly opened page, enter your Amazon account details in the Email Address or Mobile Number and Password fields and press the Sign In and Activate Prime Gaming buttons. At this point, select the Connect Twitch accounts option, click on the Link accounts item and, in the new screen displayed, log in to your Twitch account: then enter your details in the Username and Password fields and click on the Sign in button, to connect Amazon Prime to Twitch.

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