Apps To Learn To Play The Guitar Whenever And Wherever You Want

There are many musical instruments from which you can choose your next guitar hobby. There are different families available, but what you should do is find the one you like the most. Many opt for the guitar, a percussive stringed instrument that has many variants and that, in the case of our country, is one of the most widespread.

For this reason many people opt for it and even more those who are looking for an app to learn to play the guitar.

First steps before starting

If you want to learn to play the guitar you have three ways to do it: hire the services of an academy to go in person, ask someone who already knows how to teach you or download any of the apps to learn to play the guitar.

Luckily, the Internet is very wide and you can find a place where you can learn new things without anyone else’s help.

In these lines we are going to show you some of the best apps to learn to play the guitar.

This is assuming you have one, of course, although we must emphasize that not all are equal. And we are not referring to the purely obvious differences between an electric guitar and a classical guitar, you should also know that there are flamenco guitars.

The latter have a somewhat narrower neck and usually give higher tones than the classical one.

But one thing is for sure, they all play the same notes and you will have to choose one to start your career either professionally or as a hobby. If you are just starting out you always have two options: either you buy a beginner’s one to learn or you get a second hand one that can also give you a good result.

The best apps to learn to play the guitar

Now let’s take a look at some of the best programs that you have at your disposal from your smartphone, but don’t forget to tune your guitar before you start.

Coach Guitar

This app for learning to play the guitar does it in a simple way and that is to use the colors to teach you how to use each chord by placing each finger on the frets.

The sessions are very simple and you can follow them whenever and wherever you want. It also has a paid part with access to unlimited content, something that may interest you if you are 100% determined to follow the path of the six strings.

Learn to play guitar courses

It may sound like the title of this app is misspelled, but that’s really how you’ll find it in the Google Play Store. And for its price, which is 0 euros, you will have a whopping 500 videos in which you will learn to play the guitar from your mobile.

It’s perfect for learning any of the three types of guitar and has a built-in metronome that will help you follow the rhythms of the songs.


This guitar playing app is an old acquaintance. It turns out that this one was part of the cast of programs that help you tune your guitar and that’s a plus point for it.

It’s free and it will not only help you put the strings in the perfect tuning point, it will also help you to have good notions when starting to play the guitar.

Free Guitar Video Course

The name says it all, this is the app of one of the favorite YouTube channels for all those who want to learn to play the guitar without spending a euro. The videos are very easy to follow and you have one dedicated to all kinds of needs when playing this stringed instrument.

Basic things such as how to pick up the pick, use the amplifier properly or follow the major and minor scales, are some of the lessons that you will receive in this simple course that you can follow whether you use the video application or its official application which, of course, is also free to download.

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