Why The Message “Not Compatible With Your Device” Appears On Google Play Store

Find out why you get the message “not compatible with your device” in Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the official app store that comes on Android mobile devices. It may be the case that sometimes error messages appear that we do not quite know what they refer to. Today we answer the following question: Why does the message “not compatible with your device” appear in the Google Play Store. Here is the answer.

Currently in the Google Play Store there are three million apps for users to download. Of these, 3.8% are paid apps, the rest are completely free. Among the most downloaded applications in this official app store are messaging and social networking applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft OneDrive and Facebook Lite.

If you are an Android user you may have ever entered the Play Store and when trying to download an app you got an error message that prevents you from downloading it. Today we explain why the message “not compatible with your device” appears in the Google Play Store.

The message “not compatible with your device” appears when you have an old phone on which you can not run the application you want to download. It may be due to lack of space or lack of phone features, but in any case the Google Play Store informs you that the application is not valid for your cell phone model. What you should know is that this message refers to a specific application, but others may work on that device.

Your Device Is Not Compatible With Google Play Store Services, What Does It Mean?

You already know the answer to the question of why the message “not compatible with your device” appears in Google Play Store, but there is another error message that also occurs when trying to access certain services, it is this: Your device is not compatible with Google Play Store services, what does it mean? Find out below.

In this case the problem is also in your mobile model. But if previously it was the application that you wanted to download that was not compatible in this other case refers to all services of the Google Play Store. All of them can not be carried out on the device you have.

It Is Not Possible To Run The Application Without Google Services, What Does It Mean?

In addition to the error messages that we have explained above you may appear this other one: It is not possible to run the application without Google services, what does it mean? We show it to you.

This message may appear when you have downloaded an application outside the Play Store. It informs you that it will not be able to run properly without Google services. Remember that Google Play services are a System application.

Solution To “This App Is Not Compatible With Your Device”

If what you need is a Solution to “this app is not compatible with your device” try some of these resolutions that we explain below.

Update your phone’s operating system. To do this, open the “Settings” app and then go to “Settings” and then click on “System”. Then click on “system update” to see if there are any updates available. If so, click on install and restart the device.

Clear the Play Store cache. To do this, go to “Settings” on your phone and then go to “Apps”. Then click on “Manage apps” and locate the Play Store. Go inside and tap on “storage” and then “clear cache”.

Download the app that is not supported outside of Play Store. Search for the app that is not compatible in APK format. You can do this through Google. Remember that this is a special version that may not work properly on your device.

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