How To Disable Xiaomi Glance Wallpaper Carousel On Miui [Guide]

Find out how to disable Xiaomi Glance Wallpaper Carousel. Today with this guide we will see how to disable Xiaomi Glance Wallpaper Carousel on MIUI. MIUI is a ROM whose interface may or may not be liked because it is full of many features, but that not everyone appreciates because they would like only the essentials on their smartphone, and then add the things you need when necessary, while MIUI already has many features that many users may find useful, but that still tend to weigh down the system. Among the many features that MIUI has, we have the Wallpaper Carousel also called Glance for MI and that serves to make the lock screen more beautiful with its dynamic wallpapers. Carousel Wallpapers, is used to automatically change the background of the lock screen, so it is very useful for those who do not want to manually change different wallpapers that they like, as they will rotate independently, without any manual intervention by the user. The dynamic carousel that we find in Xiaomi devices inside the lock screen, could present in addition to the dynamic background images, also ads that are shown every time you access the lock screen. Some users are happy to have the dynamically changing carousel images on the lock screen, but if you are not among those people and want a classic lock screen, but do not know how to disable the Xiaomi Glance Wallpaper Carousel on MIUI, I invite you then to continue reading this guide to find out all the steps that are required to be able to disable this feature on your smartphone.

If you bought a new XIAOMI smartphone or even REDMI or POCO, you might have noticed that you have the lock screen with Wallpaper Carousel active, which is why you keep noticing that there is an automatic wallpaper change in the lockscreen without you touching anything. If you don’t like this automatic wallpaper change in your lockscreen, also because you might be shown targeted ads that you would gladly do without, you should know that this feature can be easily disabled on your MIUI device. If you’re not interested in having a lock screen with a new wallpaper every day, then this guide is for you, because it covers just how to disable Xiaomi Glance wallpaper carousel on MIUI.

what are all the benefits of disabling it

By managing to disable wallpaper carousel on MIUI, you manage to get:

  • The lockscreen wallpaper no longer changes dynamically, but only the wallpaper you decide to use on the lockscreen is displayed
  • The possible ads that can appear in the lock screen when the carousel is active are eliminated
  • Glance to dynamically change the background image of the lock screen consumes mobile data as it is needed to update wallpapers and content. If you are using a limited data plan, disabling the Glance for MI feature is therefore a good idea.
  • The active carousel on the device’s lock screen may contribute to a slightly higher battery consumption
  • Glance is able to display targeted ads on the lock screen, selected according to your preferences and usage history, so disabling the carousel could be a way to protect your privacy more.

follow these steps to proceed with the deactivation of the function

If you knowingly or unknowingly enabled the carousel on the lock screen when setting up your XIAOMI, REDMI or POCO smartphone with MIUI, but now you’re not sure how to disable it, this is the process you need to follow to disable Glance and you can apply it to all MIUI versions that support this feature. Here are all the steps you need to follow:

  • Log in to the Settings app on your Android smartphone running MIUI.
  • Now scroll down the content displayed on the screen and tap on the Lock screen item.
  • Now if you look closely you should see the Lock screen section and below it the item Wallpaper Carousel. Tap on the latter item to access its content
  • From the Wallpaper Carousel screen, you will have the option to disable the feature by pressing the switch next to the Enable item.
  • Once you’ve tapped the button to disable the MIUI Carousel, the system may prompt you via an on-screen message if you’re experiencing a problem and ask the reason why you wanted to disable Glance. You can choose to forward your problem to the Xiaomi center or if you want to make things faster, you can simply tap the Skip button to disable Glance Carousel immediately without having to explain to anyone.
  • Normally from the Wallpaper Carousel screen, if the feature is enabled, you can add images as wallpapers using the ones that are already in the Photo Gallery, you can decide how often you want the images in the Gallery to be added, you can use the wallpaper update switch to disable it so you can save data. Once the carousel is deactivated, you’ll only see the wallpaper you set on the lock screen, without it changing dynamically anymore, thus getting rid of the advertisements that could appear above each wallpaper. However, if you have second thoughts, you can activate Wallpaper Carousel on your MIUI at any time by following the steps that have already been seen above, only this time you’ll have to press the switch to activate the feature.


Xiaomi for its MIUI allows you to have a dynamically changing wallpaper on the lock screen and this is possible thanks to Glance for MI or more simply Carousel wallpapers in the Italian MIUI. This feature may not be to everyone’s liking as it shows rotating images on the lock screen and this can mean more data and battery consumption, and not everyone likes the fact that a new image is always shown as wallpaper on the lockscreen. What may be even less appealing though, is the fact that there might be a presence of banner ads on the lock screen when Wallpaper Carousel is active and this can also be a privacy issue as the ads are shown in a customized way based on several factors. Getting rid of Wallpaper Carousel is quite simple though and in this guide we have seen what steps you need to follow to do so. Until the next guide.

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