How to use a Fake Location on Grindr without any Paid Apps

Need to know how to use a fake location on Grindr? In this step-by-step tutorial, we explain how to do it the easy way.

Tired of seeing the same faces in the same places? If you are looking for how to use a fake location on Grindr we have good news for you: you no longer need to be an expert to change the location of your mobile. There are other tricks you can perform to find guys in other locations on Grindr. And all this without using other apps or paying for Grindr Xtra. Read on to find out how to do it step by step. 

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Update Location on Grindr 

The first thing you should know is that you must have the location updated on your smartphone. That is, that the GPS is active and everything works as it should and then make the change. Make sure to update the location in Grindr by refreshing the profile grid on the main screen. Just swipe down and release the screen and Grindr will refresh the entire page. This will make use of GPS and the last updated location and display recent profiles near that point. 

If all this works as it should, checking on Google Maps that your mobile picks up the current GPS information without problems, you can move on to the next point where we explain how to fake your location on Grindr so you do not have to pay a euro and meet guys from other places. 

Fake location on Grindr 2021 

This tutorial is valid only for Android mobile users. And it is these who have the easiest way to fake location on Grindr in 2021. Android, even in version 11, has the ability to take advantage of developer tools to modify some parameters of the terminal. Among them the GPS information. With this, and thanks to an application like Fake GPS you can carry out this tutorial. 

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Install Fake GPS on your Mobile 


The Fake GPS application helps you to fake your Grindr location. It is free and can be downloaded from Google Play Store legally. Just install it for now and skip to the next step. 

Enable Developer Options on your phone 

Now it’s time to change one of Android’s protections. Even if you are not a developer, and especially if you do not touch any other setting, you can enable the option for a third-party application (Fake GPS) to tell the GPS where you are.

  • To do this go to your phone’s settings and look for the phone information section.
  • Inside you will see the current version of Android and, below, the build number.
  • Well, press 10 times on this data to see how a message appears to tell you that the developer options have been activated
  • Once inside these options, look for the Debugging section.
  • Inside this, you will find the option to choose an application to simulate location.
  • When you click on this item a pop-up window appears with different apps available, among which are Fake GPS. Choose this option. 

Choose your new Location in Fake GPS and Enter Grindr 

Now it only remains to return to the Fake GPS application to locate any location. Obviously, it will be a fake GPS location for Grindr. It works like Google Maps, so move around the world map to choose the specific point where you want to be located. Then don’t forget to click on the Play button in the bottom right corner. 

Now all that’s left is for you to enter Grindr so that the application updates your GPS location with the Fake GPS data. Instantly you will see that the profile grid changes, with people who are there where you have decided to locate you.  

The best thing about this system is that you won’t have to pay to talk to the guys in these fake Grindr locations, as with Grindr Xtra’s travel feature. The downside is that these guys can be many miles away. So it may be difficult to match with any of them.  

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