How to get free clothes on Shein with the Free Trial Center

Although it would appear to be impossible, it is possible to obtain free clothing on Shein; in fact, hundreds of people are able to accomplish this goal each and every week.
Are you interested in learning how to improve your chances of winning free goods on a regular basis? If you continue reading, we will reveal the most effective strategies to you.


Is the Shein testing center located where?

Within the Shein platform, there is a section where we have the opportunity to make requests for free things in exchange for providing our feedback. It is only accessible to users who have registered for it.
The test center is responsible for publishing new items on a weekly basis. We are able to submit requests for up to three free tests each week. At all times, we are able to view the number of individuals who have requested the same test as well as the quantity of clothing that are available.


Procedures for using the Free Trial Center

To begin, we are required to enter the part of the test facility. Click on your account from your computer, and then select “Free Trial Center” from the drop-down menu.
Once we are inside the trial area, all that is required of us is to select the clothing that we would want to try on and then click on the “free trial” button.
We will then be asked to choose the size and the address where the shipment will be made. It is essential that you pay great attention when you are making the request since, in the event that we are successful, we will not be able to alter this information.
Checking to see if we have won a free product, viewing the reviews of other customers who have already received their test, and gaining additional information about the conditions of the Shein test facility are all options that are available to us.
Following the receipt of the proof, we will be required to complete our review within a maximum of ten days. There will be a total of twenty points awarded to us if the evaluation is successful in passing the quality control. If the report is deemed to be of high quality, we will receive one hundred points.


Techniques to acquire free items

Once the request has been made, the Shein selection system will determine who the winners are. However, in the following paragraphs, we will provide you with some of our finest advice in order to increase your chances of winning.


Always remember to be patient and to apply.

Within the context of the page, the system takes into consideration the amount of activity that you have had in previous tests as well as in general. Therefore, the more active you are in the testing center as well as across Shein, the greater the likelihood that you will be successful in winning.


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Choose garments that are user-friendly

If you make a large number of requests for clothes that are in short supply, you will have a better chance of winning. Of course, you must not overlook the fact that you must be pleased with the clothes that you are given.


Apply by the end of the week, if possible.

We have already mentioned that free trials are updated on Mondays, so if you want to request it on the very last day, you won’t have any problems doing so. By doing so, you will be able to determine the number of people who have requested that free trial and determine which one is the most straightforward to win on.


Create high-quality reports and provide feedback on your acquisitions

Because the quality level of past reports is taken into consideration, producing a report of high quality will not only result in an increase in the number of points we receive, but it will also increase the likelihood that we will be successful in the future.

You can boost your chances of winning free trials by leaving a comment on the purchases you have received. This is because the degree of activity also offers us more points when it comes to winning free trials.


Make frequent purchases on Shein.

On Shein, your level of activity on the page is also taken into consideration for the selection process. As a result, the system gives preference to those who make frequent purchases or have been on the page for an extended period of time. This is done to avoid individuals who have created fraudulent accounts or who have only been on the page for a short period of time from being selected.


How to create a report that is of high quality

In order to maximize your potential points and increase your chances of earning more free tests, it is vital to create a complete and high-quality test report. You have the potential to earn up to one hundred additional points if you consistently adhere to certain criteria, such as thoroughness and accuracy. Immediately following the submission of your report, it will be subjected to a stringent quality control procedure in order to guarantee that it complies with these criteria. In the event that your report does not match the standard, you should not be afraid to make changes and resubmit it until it satisfies the requirements.

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What kind of content

It is essential to present a balanced perspective when evaluating the type of content to include in your remark. This may be accomplished by discussing both the positive and negative aspects of the article. It is crucial to emphasize the positive features of the situation, even while it is necessary to not be afraid to criticize the negative aspects of the situation. Examine the clothing in great depth, paying attention to information such as the materials that were used, the general quality of the product, the variety of colors that were offered, and any other relevant aspects of the garment. This all-encompassing approach guarantees that your comment will provide other readers with insightful information and will assist them in the process of making decisions for their own lives.


Hints for Photographers

For our test, we are required to take some photographs; we are not permitted to use photographs from other pages or customers. You should make an effort to record the specifics of the product so that other purchasers can evaluate it. Take a total of four photographs in bright light, since this is recommended:

a full-body photograph or many images.
One or more images that are extremely detailed of the clothing.
One or more images that demonstrate in what ways the clothing can be combined or what aspects of it we appreciate the most.
It is required that the photographs be at least 500 pixels wide and 680 pixels tall in order for the report to be uploaded. Please get in touch with as soon as possible if you are unable to load it or if you encounter a problem.


There are more questions that are frequently asked concerning the testing center.

The Shein test center support center provides further information that you can consult if you have any more inquiries. However, we are going to address concerns that are frequently raised.


Is there no risk involved? Is it possible to win?

It is feasible to win products at the testing facility if one is persistent and follows the instructions provided in the previous paragraphs. To find out more about the other winners, you need only glance at the reviews section. And after you have won and uploaded a report that is comprehensive and detailed, it will be much simpler for you to win again.


Whether I have won a free trial, how will I know whether I have won?

If you find out that you have won, the item that you have chosen will be displayed as a “approved review,” and the delivery process will start to be handled immediately. In addition, you will be notified by email that you have been selected for the position.


Should I also pay for the costs of shipping?

Due to the fact that Shein is responsible for all shipping costs, you are not needed to pay for any services. Your sole obligation is to ensure that the product is delivered to you in a timely manner and that you offer your feedback within a period of ten days after obtaining it. Because of this streamlined method, you will be able to evaluate the item without having to worry about any additional financial burdens, which will allow you to concentrate exclusively on your review.


Who is responsible for paying the fees if it is held up by customs?

In the case that your free trial package is held up by customs, the buyer is responsible for paying any customs fees that may be related with the situation. It is vital to be aware of this possibility and to make preparations in accordance with any prospective costs, despite the fact that the vast majority of free trial packages are able to pass through customs without any problems all over the world.

I would like to adjust the size or the mailing address.

The request for the free trial must include specific information regarding the size and the address. Because it will be sent to you automatically, you will not be able to return the free product that you have won after it has been sent to you.


I am experiencing difficulties with my free trial.

You can get in touch with Shein at if you are unable to upload your test report, if your test has a quality issue, or if you are experiencing any other kind of problem. Their responses are typically provided within one business day.



More insights on detailed review of shein’s free trial center

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If you have any questions or concerns, the Shein customer service team is available to assist you. When selecting your size, make sure to choose the one that fits you best to ensure a perfect fit when you receive the item. Becoming a Shein influencer can also provide you with opportunities to earn Shein gift cards and free trial products.

By uploading your review, you can share your experience with others and potentially earn extra rewards. Consider using the Shein browser extension to easily access sale items and receive free Shein promo codes. Your order will be issued and shipped automatically once your free trial application is approved.

Make sure to follow Shein on social media for updates on products status and extra discounts. If you have any questions about customs duty or shipping fees, you can contact Shein directly. With the Shein app, you can conveniently browse and shop for Shein clothing and accessories.

When you receive your free trial item, don’t forget to submit a review to earn rewards. Additionally, consider linking your PayPal account for easy payment options. Enjoy free shipping on Shein clothes and take advantage of the opportunity to receive free stuff from Shein through the free trial program.

If you meet the requirements, you can become a Shein influencer and potentially win free Shein gift cards. Make sure to submit your review and photos within the specified days of receiving your free trial item to earn rewards. Stay updated on featured and trending articles on the official Shein website to increase your chances of winning cool prizes.

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Shein offers various opportunities for users to earn rewards, including watching videos, shopping at Shein, and participating in the influencer program. Your user account on Shein can help you track your progress and access exclusive offers. All information provided on the Shein website is fact-checked to ensure accuracy.

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