How To Track My Shein Order ( Updated 2024 )

Find out how to track my Shein order. Do you want to know if your order is on its way or if it is still missing? We show you how to track my Shein order to have all the information.

Shein has become one of the most popular sites to buy clothes online. But although its advantages are undoubted, one of its disadvantages is that orders take longer to arrive than if we make them in another online store like Amazon. And this makes many users despair a bit and wonder how to track my Shein order. The reality is that it is a fairly simple process.

To find out where your order is going, the first thing you should do is enter the Shein site, log in and access the My orders section.

Next, you need to find the order you’re trying to track. Once you’re on it, click on View details. There you will be able to see if your order has been shipped or not, which is the first thing we are usually not interested in when we are trying to track. Once it has been shipped, a Tracking button will appear. When we click there we will have more information. For starters, we will know exactly where the order is, that is, if it is still in China, if it is already on the flight or if it is in Spain. And we will also find the tracking number, which can be useful if we want to use an extra tracking website.

How To Track A Shein Order

If you are wondering how to locate a Shein order and the tracking information is not enough, there are certain websites that can help you find out where your purchase is. One of the most popular is Ordertracker, which stands out because it is quite easy to use. On the home page you will see a box where you will have to enter the tracking number. Then click on Track a package. There you can see all the information that the website has been able to collect about your shipment, so that you can have additional information about where your purchase is.

Is It Possible To Track A Shein Order In Spain?

Being a brand that comes from China, many users wonder if you can track a Shein order in Spain. But the reality is that, despite being a foreign store, there is no problem when it comes to knowing where your packages are at all times.

Just as if you were in the Asian giant, on the Shein website or app you can get all the information about where your order is without any difficulty. And in case you prefer to use an external website to get more information, you can also do it with the tracking number. Whether you are in Spain or wherever you are, you will have no problem tracking your order.

Since Shein has become an international company, you will have the same rights if you are in Spain as if you were in China.

Why My Shein Order Is Not Updated

When we don’t see news about the status of our purchase it’s easy to get a little desperate and wonder why my Shein order is not updating. But the reality is that most of the time it’s nothing to worry about.

There are times when an order takes several days to get out of the warehouse or on the flight from China. During those days when there are no changes to the order we will logically not see any updates in the tracking, although we may see them a little later. It is also possible that for some reason the information has not been updated on the page, and suddenly one day all the updates suddenly appear. As long as the arrival date has not passed by several days, you have nothing to worry about.

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