How to Measure areas in Google maps

We tell you how to measure areas from Google Maps easily.

We have all ever needed to measure an area in Google Maps, out of curiosity or to know data for some administrative procedure. If you do not know how to measure areas in Google Maps we teach you how to do it.

Google Maps is a Google navigation service that is especially used to see travel routes between two points. Last year Google Maps surpassed one billion users of its application.

But Google Maps also has other interesting features that help us for example to know the traffic conditions, the businesses in a certain place or to move at street level with its augmented reality system.

Another of these interesting tools that Google Maps has is to measure surfaces. It is a somewhat unknown tool, but very useful if we need data for any management.

If you do not know how to use this tool we show you how to measure areas in Google Maps easily. Of course, before we start explaining the steps to follow you must keep in mind that the function of measuring areas in m2 in Google Maps is only available in the desktop version of the application.

  1. To start, open Google Maps in your PC browser and search for the place where you are going to perform the measurement. 
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  3. Once you have searched for it, hover over the map and right-click on it, select “Measure distance”.
  4. You will then see a white dot with a black border. 
  5. That is the first point. Now move to another point on the surface to continue measuring until you complete the shape of the plot.
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  7. The last click must match the first click for the system to tell you the m2 of the area. 
  8. When this click matches a box will appear where it will tell you both the number of square meters and the total distance in meters.

How to Measure a plot in Google maps Android

If you already know how to measure areas in Google Maps from the desktop version now we tell you how to measure a plot in Google Maps Android.

  1. To do this open the Google Maps application on your Android device. 
  2. Search in the box the address of the place you want to find. 
  3. Once you have located it and the red pin appears, click on it.
  4. Underneath you will see the marker options, scroll through them, and tap on “Measure distance”. 
  5. The map will appear with a white circle, move it to measure the plot. 
  6. You will see a line of dots. 
  7. Go to the first point and click on “Add point” to draw the plot. 
  8. Finish the process by “closing” the plot. 
  9. When you finish on the left side of the screen you will see how many meters you have.

Other apps to measure surfaces

If you already know how to measure areas in Google Maps, but you are also interested in knowing other applications that measure surfaces, we leave you a list of the best-known and best-performing ones.

  • Planimeter GPS is one of those applications with good reviews that serves to measure any area. For many, it is considered the best mobile surveying application. In addition to the area, it measures distance, perimeter, bearing, and angle. It is available for Android and iOS.
  • For iOS mobiles a good app is Distance. With this app, you can draw and measure the distance, as well as the area and it gives you custom coefficients.
  • For Android mobiles an interesting application is AndMeasure. The platform allows you to measure areas and also has a lot of unlimited functions to measure water lines, paving, and sidewalks.