How to download Audio from TikTok

Do you want to download audio from TikTok video easily? Here’s how to do it.

If you have entered TikTok and you have seen audio that you love and you would like to have it on your cell phone to listen to it whenever you want we tell you how to download audios from TikTok easily.

TikTok is currently the most downloaded application in the world with 59 million monthly downloads. This Chinese platform continues to lead ahead of other well-known social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok’s success is based on the fact that it allows you to create short videos, most of musical, to which you can add all kinds of effects and filters.

If you are a TikTok user and you have listened to music in videos that you would love to save immediately on your phone, but you don’t know how to do it, you have come to the right post: we tell you how to download audios from TikTok whatever device you have.

You can download these audios to your phone for free and listen to them whenever you want or use them in your videos on TikTok or any other platform.

How to download TikTok audios on iPhone

If you need to know how to download TikTok audios on iPhone we explain step by step how you can do it in a few steps with the SSSTikTok tool, a totally free online tool.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to open TikTok and locate the video you want to download its audio. 
  2. Then click on the right arrow icon below the comments on the right side of the screen.
  3. This button opens a new screen to share the video.
  4. Among the options that appear on that new screen, we have to go to “Share to…” And look for the option “copy link” which is marked by a blue icon with two chain links inside. 
  5. Click on the button and the link will be copied to the clipboard.
  6. Now open the Safari web browser and open the website:
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  8. In the box that appears click with your finger twice in a row so you can paste the link, you had from TikTok.
  9. Once you have copied the link click on the download button. 
  10. Then click on “download in mp3”
  11. The audio will download and open in an audio player. 
  12. Click on the three dots to get the option to download to your iPhone again.

How to download TikTok audios on Android

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If what you need is to know how to download audios from TikTok on Android we give you some options that will help you to have the audio file in a few minutes.

  1. To download audios on Android we will download TikTok Audio Maker, an app that is available for free on the Play Store. 
  2. After downloading and installing it we go to TikTok and locate the video from which we will extract the audio.
  3. When we have located it we click on the icon with an arrow to the right that is on the right side of the screen. 
  4. In the interface that opens we choose “Copy link”.
  5. Now go to TikTok Audio Maker, open the app, and click on the “download audio” button. 
  6. Then click on “Paste and Download” and in the search box the link will be copied and the process will start.
  7. To see our downloaded audio we have to click on “My Download”
  8. The downloaded audios will appear as a list. If you want to listen to them you only have to click on the play button.
  9. If you click on the circular button with three dots inside you can share the audio with friends, set it as a ringtone on your phone or delete it.

Another way to know how to download TikTok audios on Android is by following the above steps through the SSSTikTok online tool. In addition to the audios with SSSTikTok, you can download the full videos.

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