How to make collages from ‘Google Photos’ with my best photos?

A few years ago was launched the Google Photos platform, which allows you to store and save photos on the network, without storage space limits.

In it you can group all the photos you want from different moments and find them when you need them, you can create photo collages and entire albums with filters, among other functions. Here you will learn how to make collages with Google Photos.

How many photos can be added to the new collage feature in Google Photos?

There is a quick way to create a collage on the platform, where Google Photos organizes, arranges and decides the order of the photos for you, in the collages you can use a minimum of two images and a maximum of nine. In this ‘quick version’ you only have to click on the photos you want to include and that are already in the cloud.

Finally click on ‘Create’ and you’re done. Google Photos does not support any changes with this quick version and does all the work for us.

In addition to collages, the tool lets you create albums, animations and movies, but a disadvantage of the application is that it does not allow you to make major changes to the newly created collages and on the other hand, favoring the platform you can access to save and copy photos safely for further protection.

How to start creating your first collage on Google Photos?

A collage is basically several photos together on the same theme. With Google Photos you will not need to download different programs for a certain function, incorporate the creation of a collage, offer filters, movies and albums in the same place. This way you can start creating a collage with your own photos:

  • Install and open the Google Photos application, it is also available on web page in case you are using a computer.
  • On the main screen of the application, on the bottom panel of the device screen go to the Library option, which is represented by an icon with four blue books together.
  • In the new tab that will appear, you will see four options: Favorites, Archive, Utilities and Trash. You must click on the Utilities option, represented by a small box marked with a tick (✓).
  • In the series of options that will be displayed on the next tab, in the Create section click on the ‘Collage’ option.
  • On the new page it will show you all the available images and photos that are uploaded to the cloud, if you have not uploaded one there you can click on the icon of a cloud with a small arrow to choose the ones stored in the device’s memory.
  • Mark the photos or images you prefer and once you select the photos you want to be part of the collage press on the Create option, which is located on the upper right side of the screen. You must select at least two photos, but without exceeding the limit of nine.
  • In a short time Google Photos will create the collage with the selected images and several options will appear, such as sharing, deleting or adding an accessory. All this is at your discretion and preference.

How to insert your favorite photos in the collage you are going to create in Google Photos?

To make a collage you can use images or photos that you have uploaded to the Google Photos network and join indelible memories in a single image, this process is not very different from the previous one explained. To add or insert the photos just follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Photos application, either from a mobile device or computer. Once there, go to the Library section and click on Utilities.
  • When the new window loads click on ‘Collage’ and select the photos you want to insert in the collage.
  • When you finish marking the photos tap on Create and the platform will have the new collage ready in seconds, along with other options such as sharing the work on social networks if you wish.

How to edit the collage you made in Google Photos with filters?

When you have the collage created, a series of functions will appear at the bottom of the screen, there you will find the alternatives share, edit, delete, among others. You must click on the Edit option and a new screen will appear with the collage and next to it a panel of different types of filters and their intensity.

Apart from Google Photos there are also other platforms or applications to put filters on photos or collages with more variety and colors.

The filters on this platform range from the brightest and most vivid tones to the darkest and opaque, you can find filters called Palma (very bright colors), Metro (more opaque), Eiffel (black and white), among others. When you have finished editing, click on Done at the top of the screen and you are done.

What do you have to do to share your first collage made in Google Photos?

To share your newly created collage click on the Share icon, you will see a box with the social networks available to share with other users.  Select the medium where you want to send it and the people to share it with, then press Send.

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