Street view not working in Google maps: Solutions

Street View does not work in Google Maps? Here’s what you need to do to fix it.

Street View is one of the most useful features of Google Maps. You do not see the image, the map does not load … In short, Street View does not work in Google Maps: solutions that you can apply.

Google Maps has become for many users an indispensable application to move from one place to another, to see the traffic conditions, or to visualize any area of the world without leaving home.

One of the most useful tools that Google Maps has is Street View. The Street View platform shows 360º panoramic views of cities at street level. This platform began operating in 2007 in the United States and arrived in Spain a year later, in 2008.

It may happen that the Street View view does not load, the screen goes blank… In conclusion, Street View does not work in Google Maps. We give you the solutions to repair it.

If Street View was working, but you have updated the application and suddenly stopped displaying the problem is in that update. To fix it try to restore the previous version you had on your mobile.

If you have gone to a different location and you see that Street View does not work, it is not the fault of your device. You should know that this Google Maps tool is not available in all regions.

There are areas of cities that do not have the Street View view so it will not be displayed on the map. To fix this you should check if Street View is available in that area, for example, by asking another user of the application.

If Street View does not work and when you open the application the screen goes completely blank, it may not have been installed correctly. To solve this problem it is best to close the app and hold it down to delete it on iOS or move it to the trash on Android. Then go to the Play Store or App Store, download it, and install it again.

How to put the street view on google maps

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If you have Google Maps but do not know how you can use the function to see the streets at 360 ° we tell you how to put the Street View on Google Maps. Depending on the device you have so you have to activate in one way or another Street View tool.

In the case of Android devices is very easy, open Google Maps and find the location you want. Then click on the round icon in the shape of a square below the search box.

The map types and details will be displayed. Click on the one that says “Street View“. The map will be filled with blue lines because you have activated Street View click on the location you want and you will visualize the street as if you were inside it.

On iOS mobile devices it is best to download Google Street View from the App Store. Open it and put the address you want to see exactly. Then move the little yellow doll to the exact location and below you will see the view of the street. Click on it to move on the map.

In the case of web browsers open Google Maps and look for the place you want to see. In the lower right corner, you will see a little yellow doll. Click on it with the mouse and without releasing it drag it to the area of the map. When you release it the view will change and Street View will open.

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