Useful Apps for Traveling in the UAE – Top 6 Most Important

The faster our world develops, the easier it becomes to travel on useful Apps. Judge for yourself: today we can afford to buy a ticket to almost any country in the world, sitting at home. We can book accommodation, calculate travel expenses and make a plan for future travel without leaving home. Yes, thanks to modern applications, the world of travel has really changed! Let’s plunge into the world of the UAE today and find out which apps will definitely come in handy on a trip!

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Provide yourself with transport

Taxi, public transport or car rental? Anything of your choice, because in the UAE you will find it all. Speaking of taxis, the best thing to recommend here is Uber. In the Emirates, the principle of work is not based on private transportation, as is usually the case. In the UAE, only drivers with a special license work in taxis. Uber cars in the Emirates are luxury cars with courteous drivers.

If you are thinking about car rental, there are also many services. For example, Renty service. Here you will find your ideal rental car for a trip, because Renty provides a huge range of luxury cars for any choice. The best part is the prices for hired models are very low. Check it out yourself!

For the productive use of public transport, we suggest that you do not rely on yourself or the residents of the city, straining yourself and everyone around, but use the Wojhati application. This is an excellent service for building routes in Dubai. Here you will find each type of transport and their routes, easily build a route according to your plan, thereby saving a lot of time.

The Ministry of Transport of the UAE Capital has also created an application for convenient use of public transport – Darb. Here you can also build routes for moving around the UAE. Works online.


It is often not so easy to find an Internet connection abroad, so having a map that works offline is a must! For such cases, there is a very handy application called Just download the necessary map and it will always be available without the Internet.

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Arrived in Dubai and do not know where to go to have fun or immerse yourself in the history and culture of the Emirates? There is also a solution for this – Dubai Calendar. Here you will find a detailed poster with all kinds of entertainment and cultural events! You will find exactly what to do on vacation!

Shopping malls are synonymous with Dubai

Coming to Dubai and not going shopping is nonsense! In order to find your way around Dubai’s retail outlets, as well as be informed about discounts and sales, there are special applications. So in The Dubai Mall app you will find all the relevant information you need and get answers to your questions.

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Now you are ready to have an incredible, bright and diverse vacation! Have a good journey and enjoy your time!

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