10 Best Tools to Create an online mobile app without a developer

Are you a freelancer, the head of a company, or a marketing agency? You want to create an iOS or Android online mobile app without any knowledge in development and especially without the help of a developer? Developing an app can now be done without any development knowledge, as long as you use the right tools. Here are the 12 best free and paid tools.

There are many solutions available to you if you want to create a mobile application without technical knowledge. You could call a developer or contact an agency specialized in this field, but it would cost you several thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars. So why not simplify your life and preserve your wallet by creating it yourself? You can simplify your life even more with a mobile application creation tool.

Creating a mobile application without being a developer is quite possible thanks to all the tools designed for this purpose.  There are a variety of solutions you can use, free or paid. You need to find the one whose features and price match your needs and your industry. So that you can make up your mind, here are the 10 best no-code iOS or Android mobile app creation tools.


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Site: https://bubble.io/

The bubble is the best software allowing any digital professional to create a mobile application from scratch and without any knowledge in application development. Applications created with Bubble can be submitted to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Yet, this software is not reserved for beginners since it is advisable to think about all the interface and functionalities beforehand with wireframes, so it is rather recommended for digital professionals who want to free themselves from technical constraints and save time on the development of their mobile application.


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Site: https://www.appmachine.com/

Do you want to create a mobile application without being a developer? AppMachine is the solution for you. Even without any knowledge in the App development field, you can get by using this tool to design your own app. Indeed, you just have to indicate your URL and AppMachine takes care of the rest by importing what is useful for your app.

This original mobile application creation tool is also paid. You can choose between several rates depending on the features. The offers are as follows: Plus app at $49 per month, Application Pro at $69 per month, Reseller Bundle at $99 per month, and Reseller XL Bundle at $300 per month.


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Site: https://www.appypie.com/app-builder/appmaker

Appypie Appmakr is a free tool for creating mobile applications, AppMakr deserves its place in the ranking of the best solutions to generate an application without being a developer.

If you want to design a PWA or an app for iOS and Android devices, you have to go through the paid option. In fact, the Basic plan is $18 per month, the Gold plan is $36 per month and the Platinum offer is $60 per month. Yet, even if it’s not free, the rates are still very attractive. the only concern about this is its rather old-fashioned design, you either like it or you don’t, it only depends on your point of view.


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Site: http://www.apps-builder.com/

Easy to use and drag-and-drop feature, App-Builder is also one of the best tools for creating mobile applications. It is a paid solution whose price varies according to the application you want to create. The monthly price of the options that Apps-Builder offers the Bronze plan, Silver plan, and Gold plan.


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Site: https://www.biznessapps.com/

BiznessApps will give you the possibility to insert many external tools into the mobile application you are going to create. On top of that, this app creation solution has been designed to help you to conquer the market by attracting leads.

The BiznessApss mobile app creation tool is also paid. For $300 per month, there is the Standard plan, the Gold plan is available for $360 per month and the Platinum plan is $400 per month.


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Site: https://www.adalo.com/

Adalo is a “no-code” solution to create mobile applications in no time, without technical knowledge, and without a developer.

You just need to have a clear idea of what you want to do and then use a drag and drop feature to quickly create a professionally designed application in a few clicks.

You can have an overview of their app builder by visiting their website. They offer a 100% free version to get you started with the tool. The application will of course be branded with the Adalo logo but it is a good start to test the interest of the solution.


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Site: https://www.goodbarber.com/

If you’re looking for a mobile application creation tool with a neat aesthetic and remarkable ease of use, GoodBarber is for you. Also equipped with several features, whether you want to generate an app for a computer or smartphone, this solution has everything to please. Its very attractive price (Standard: 25€/month, Full 48€/month, and Premium: 96€/month) adds to its assets for the great pleasure of anyone who wants to create a mobile application without being a developer.


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Site: https://ibuildapp.com/

No matter what field of work you are in and you want to put it forward with the implementation of a mobile app, BuildApp is the solution. This mobile app creation tool offers several rates depending on your needs with features that touch a wide variety of professional sectors. Regarding the price, its Business plan costs $99 monthly, the Company plan is $395 per month and its Corporate offer is $7500 per year.


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Site: https://shoutem.com/

Equipped with several advanced features, Shoutem is very popular with people who want to create a mobile application without being an application developer. With its beautiful design and ease of use, this solution is ideal even for beginners. To take advantage of it, you have to choose from the many rates offered by the tool that is different from each other depending on the features provided with it. For your apps on Android only, the price of the service is $49 per month. Otherwise, there is the Standard plan at $79 per month and the Professional plan at $149 depending on the options you want to add.


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Site: https://mobileroadie.com/

With its advanced features and higher price than the competition, Mobile Roadie is a mobile application creation tool for large enterprises. By offering many interesting and complex functions, the use of this solution is not always obvious. Thus, it takes time to learn how to use it, even for experienced users. Nevertheless, this tool allows you to create a real mobile application without being a developer. Mobile Roadie’s prices are fixed according to your needs.


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Site: https://mobincube.com/

Mobincube is an application creation tool that is for everyone, large or small organizations, can access. Indeed, it is easy to get familiar with its simple interface. Moreover, it is a free mobile app creation tool if you don’t mind the ads that appear on your app. But it also offers various affordable subscription deals. Its S plan is €2.99 per month, the M plan is €9.99, the L plan is €19.98, the XL plan is €49.99 and the XXL plan is €99.99.

In terms of functionality, Mobincube focuses on innovation to meet all needs, coupled with a wide range of models to choose from.


In summary, if you want to create a mobile application without being a developer, there are several solutions available to you. There are still plenty of other tools that are as good as those mentioned above. The choice is up to you and the budget you are willing to invest to develop your own mobile application. The result you want to achieve also counts since you have to choose a tool that will really bring you closer to your real and potential customers.

A mobile app is an essential marketing tool. Thus, it is important to think about it. Even though creating a mobile app goes a long way in improving your business, it is not enough, as you need to complete this approach with several other elements. You need to know how you are going to proceed to attract, as it should be, your target audience.