Where is North on Google maps

Easily Locate yourself with Google Maps, we tell you how you can use the compass to know where the north is.

If you are one of those who use the navigation tool Google Maps to move to all kinds of places but do not know where the north is on Google Maps and you need to know to Locate yourself well we tell you how to find out by following a few simple steps.

Google Maps has interesting features with which you can calculate the route between two locations, see any place in the world, know the altitude, know the traffic conditions in real-time, and also serves to orient yourself at street level.

If you are one of those who are making a route or for any other circumstance you wonder: Where is the north in Google Maps? We help you to find out.

To know where the north is on Google Maps we need a compass. This is included in the platform. To see it you just have to open the Google Maps application on any device, either with the Android or iOS system, and click two or three times on the icon in the shape of a circle with an arrow inside. This icon gives us the location where we are.

By pressing three times the icon turns into a blue circle compass. And at the top of the screen appears another compass. Click on it and the location of the map will change. The red compass arrow will point you north.

How to know the location of my house on Google maps

Now that you know where the north is on Google Maps you may be curious and wonder: How do I know the location of my house on Google Maps? We explain it to you.

The location of a house is something that can be important if we want a more comfortable home. Depending on this location you can save

It must be taken into account that north-facing homes enjoy the sun, but it is not a sun that hits you directly, so they will need more heating during the cold months. Experts recommend orienting houses towards the south to enjoy more sun and natural light.

Knowing this importance of the location of a house you may wonder: how to know the location of my house in Google Maps? Let’s start to find out, first open the Google Maps application.

Now let’s tell Google Maps which is your house. You can do this by entering the address in the search box at the top. Once you have done that you must click on the satellite view that you have at the bottom left. And then click on the compass at the top of the screen. The location will change to the north and you will see where north is on Google Maps with respect to your house.

How to use the Google maps compass on your computer

If you already know how to know where the north is in Google Maps from a mobile application, but you need to know how to use the Google Maps compass on the computer look at this explanation.

The first thing you need to do is to log in to Google Maps from that computer. In the search box enter the place and press enter. Now you will have to start Street View by releasing the little yellow doll that you have in the lower right part of the screen on the map. A compass will appear at the bottom of the screen and when you click on it, it will tell you where north is.

How to find the south on Google maps

If now that you know where the north is on Google Maps you want to know its opposite point, the south very attentive because you can also know it thanks to the compass that comes in the application.

From the Google Maps application for mobile devices finding the south is easy. You have to follow the same steps and if the red arrow that appears shows you the north, the white arrow shows you the opposite, the south.

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